Friday, September 2, 2022


 First thing new about this meeting: We've had virtual TAG and RAC meetings for well over two years now. While better than nothing they do not promote accountability in any fashion. This meeting is supposed to be in person in Woolwich Council Chambers. Whether a hybrid model will be used such that some can watch in person and others via their computers I am not yet certain. Oh and for the forgetful RAC stands for Remediation Advisory Committee but who are we kidding? While I'm unhappy to bluntly say it, TAG have been less than successful despite different individual efforts, whereas RAC are essentially useless as far as promoting the public interest. They do do a good job in promoting both Lanxess Canada's and the Ont. Ministry of Environment's interests.

TAG who right from the start in September 2015 were clearly intended to incorporate local citizens also were clearly designed to be both subservient to RAC and to report to them not to the general public. Good Lord what a stupid decision. UPAC and CPAC were named the Uniroyal/Chemtura  PUBLIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE and their responsibility while partially perverted by our authorities nevertheless was clear. They advised and reported to the public including local citizens. Who does RAC advise? They advise Lanxess Canada, GHD and the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP). None of those three give a rat's butkus about the public interest nearly as much as they care about public perceptions and appearances, two different things, 

RAC's membership overall are bureaucrats and government members including Woolwich Township  and the Region of Waterloo. Throw in the GRCA and the TAG Chair and as a Woolwich councillor stated back in 2015; the membership is "cringeworthy". Not enough local citizens , way too many politicians and bureaucrats firmly invested in the status quo not in environmental cleanup which Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura /Lanxess have only given lip service to. For those who care about the environment, Sandy Shantz has to go. Generally she is smooth and careful but her bread is not buttered by either the public or the environment. Her votes and family income come from siding with power and influence whose money and power do affect local politics. That is more important to her than doing the right thing. She is responsible for the perverted joke of public consultation in Elmira over the last seven years. 

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