Saturday, September 17, 2022


 Every now and then I am advised that I can't "prove" a conspiracy or that I can't "prove" corruption.  Even believe it or not I am occasionally told that I can't "prove" that there has been an environmental coverup in Elmira. Well unlike beauty being in the eye of the beholder, truth is more objective versus subjective. To a point that is. When you own the process or when you own the minds of the masses then truth is exactly what you say it is. Or here in Elmira when you own the political bodies, municipal, regional, provincial truth is as you wish it to be not as it truly is. The political narrative has long been that we all are working cooperatively towards the cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers and of the Canagagigue Creek. Even the most jaded and biased aren't stupid enough to pretend that the former Uniroyal site will ever be cleaned up or at least not within the next couple of hundred years or more. 

The political narrative is self serving. One it's what people hope to hear. Two politicians get re-elected in good times lacking either scandals or crises. Three municipal bodies (Woolwich Township) depend on and look for grants from both the provincial (Ontario) and the federal government (Canada). Do you think that even deserving harsh criticism from Woolwich Township towards the Ontario or Canadian government is going to help get roads, bridges, LRT (Ion trains),  built, repaired or replaced? How about grants for the Arts whether Centre in the Square, the Museum, Doon Pioneer Village etc.?

Never forget Donald Trump's likely accurate at the time brag that he could commit murder in Times Square in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses and not get convicted. Never forget that a mostly black jury acquitted O.J. Simpson of murder prior to a civil trial deciding the exact opposite. WTF kind of justice and truth is that folks? That is the truth of public opinion not of reality. 

Here in Elmira the script has been flipped. Here the monied interests with the strong support of short sighted and self-serving politicians have gone through an elaborate charade of public consultation and "expert" bought and paid for witnesses pretending to honestly investigate the now seventy-seven year old destruction of our drinking water aquifers and of our local Creek ("Gig"). This charade has always been about delay and minimizing knowledge of the damage done to the natural environment, wildlife and human beings. It has been about a dirty polluter hiding behind the status quo and all its' political supporters. Many of those supporters are complicit especially at the provincial level. Many of those supporters (MOE) tacitly went along with idiotic decisions  made in the 1950s-1970 allowing mass pollution of human drinking water sources. Many of those supporters are simply supporters to avoid their own blame and accountability. Human beings have suffered and died prematurely and some are still suffering. And we have not fixed the problem. Coverups are bandaids not proper solutions.  

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