Friday, September 30, 2022


 Well the meeting was very short (35 minutes) of which five to ten was my Delegation  The Agenda had little on it but nevertheless if I or any CPAC members had been present and allowed to speak under the perverted rules there would have been questions for sure. As usual RAC members present (GRCA were absent) were mute. Zero questions of me. Zero questions of Ramin Ansari of Lanxess who presented both on the status of the Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment (HHERA) as well as on the 2022 Work Plan, site containment, expected work in the first quarter of 2023 and lastly about communication.  Gad but that last one was grossly hypocritical. Ramin basically patted himself, RAC and TAG on the back for their mutual discussion, comments and working together bullsh.t. This is at the same time as Lanxess & the MECP have handpicked who they want and who they don't want on those two committees. It's also hypocritical as RAC had no questions on some outstandingly bad issues that Ramin glossed over in his presentation such as awful on-site hydraulic containment for more than a year now. Not a peep about any of that from RAC. 

Wilson Lau  (TAG) on the other hand did make an interesting comment regarding Ramin's tactical slip up in describing the HHERA as completed. He reminded Ramin that there were some steps, comments and discussion still pending. Ramin of course immediately backed up and confirmed Wilson's comments. All very interesting because as far as I have seen TAG do have a number of appropriate, unresolved concerns that I fully expect will be given lip service treatment at best by Lanxess before they move the HHERA on to completion . 

Lisa, the Support Person for RAC & TAG, has already confirmed to me receipt of my written Delegation which I presented last evening. It will be included in the Minutes of last night's public, virtual meeting such that it can be ignored and mostly unread by those who I have somewhat jokingly referred to as "not preaching to the converted, but preaching to the perverted."  I will say that certain participants who have been rude and harassing in the past have finally figured out that the process is so tilted and biased in favour of the polluter, that Lanxess need no further procedural or other assistance. Hence as a cartoon long ago in the Woolwich Observer noted there will be no nasty dissent, debate or discord at these public meetings since the advent of RAC and TAG.   

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