Monday, September 26, 2022


 Perhaps Richard's most recent foray into spanking the WRDSB has caught their attention. Clearly back in the spring and summer of 2015 Sandy Shantz and Woolwich Council were on the hot seat from Chemtura and the Ministry of Environment.  The company and alleged regulator extracted promises of a "cringe worthy" nature to effectively eliminate CPAC as an ongoing threat to their self-serving narrative about cleaning up the Elmira Aquifers, the Canagagigue Creek and the site itself.

The most recent report from the MECP concerns both sediment and fish tissue testing in the Creek. That creek remains toxic in multiple media whether creekbank soils, floodplain soils, sediments and fish tissues. All provincial and federal criteria remain exceeded more than half a century after the on-site dumping into open pits and ponds was stopped. While vast quantities of their immoral and illegal chemical discharges have left their site and moved into the air, ground and surface water of their neighbours, much still remains on site. As Dr. Gail Krantzberg indicated to CPAC (now Citizens Public Advisory Committee) several years ago everything at Uniroyal Chemical ever dumped, buried , spilled  will eventually migrate off the site.

Fifty plus years of talk, "consultation", investigations and reports have simply been a delaying action. All guilty parties including the Ministry (MECP), Woolwich Township, province of Ontario have been willing to let everything eventually leak off site to continue being shared with their downstream neighbours. People's lives and health have meant nothing to them much less the health of the natural environment. 

What they are afraid of  is exposure to public scrutiny and opinion. They are terrified that the truth will get out, be understood and embraced by the population. They are afraid of the condemnation and pushback possibly including legal repercussions they might face. Dr. Richard Jackson (first TAG Chair) was their worst nightmare from September 2015 to December 2016, even worse than myself and CPAC.   

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  1. This is so frustrating that this mayor Sandy Shantz has done nothing to hold these polluters accountable, yet is knocking on doors asking for our vote. I have never seen this woman in the 5 years we have lived here in Elmira. So much time wasted, bureaucracy, and peoples lives being negatively affected. Really disappointing and disheartening that these companies can pollute and use a town's resources and leave it for others to clean up, and taxpayers to foot the bill.