Wednesday, September 14, 2022


 I'm going to take the risk and assume that TAG/Woolwich Twp. are not providing TAG members with the data that they request. Recall that all Minutes, all Agendas from UPAC, CPAC and TAG and RAC are all under the control of Woolwich Township. Now to be clear I have been advised that numerous Minutes and Agendas are available on-line (Woolwich Township website). I believe that these might go back as far as a couple of years at most. What I am more concerned about are specific technical reports issued by the polluter such as monthly Progress Reports, Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR) etc. Not all of us are blessed as I am with the complete library of AMRs going back to the 1980s or the complete monthly Progress Reports going back to the early 1990s.  Hence it is not unusual for requests to come my way after either the Township or the Ministry are slow, recalcitrant or dismissive of such requests. I know even with the 2011-Sept. 2015 CPAC represented Woolwich Township; members including myself were routinely denied data by CAO Dave Brenneman and others. Little shots who think they are big shots often like to flex their bureaucratic muscles. It gives them a sense of power.

Most lately I've been asked about monitoring results from former pumping well, PW3. It is located on the south-east corner of the former Uniroyal Chemical (now Lanxess).  I am in the process of reviewing old AMR's and am finding some very interesting results. While the numbers and sizes of concentrations were no surprise in and around PW3 I am noticing some surprising results regarding shallow versus deep maximum concentrations. One must keep several factors in mind including Time and Location of initial discharges. These can if ignored muddle one's interpretation of the groundwater contaminant concentrations one is examining.

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