Tuesday, September 27, 2022


 First of all thank you for the comment as it was pertinent and well thought out. A few clarifications follow: The "cringeworthy" description of Sandy's new proposed public consultation (RAC & TAG) initially came from none other than councillor Patrick Merlihan who currently is running against Sandy for the Mayor's position. I have Patrick's election sign on my front lawn along with that of Dr. Dan Holt who was the Chair of CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) from 2011- Aug. 2015 and who remains as Chair of CPAC now known as Citizens Public Advisory Committee. Patrick used the term "cringeworthy" because neither RAC nor TAG were either open to comment/questioning from the public who attend their public meetings and particularly in the case of RAC they were populated by bureaucrats and politicians NOT by local Elmira or Woolwich citizens.

The reference in the first sentence of yesterday's post is to Richard Clausi, retired teacher and still a member of CPAC. Richard has been attempting to drag a very recalcitrant Waterloo Region District School Board into the light of transparency and accountability. This in my opinion strongly goes against their core values and private Mission Statement. They do not want to clearly and honestly answer questions as to why they are still in possession of employees and staffs' personal data going back over fifty years.    

The most recent report referenced yesterday from the Ministry of Environment (MECP)  presents them as apologists for pollution in my opinion. Despite concentrations of highly toxic chemical contaminants in the Canagagigue Creek far in excess of provincial and federal criteria and guidelines, they are actually downplaying the seriousness of the situation by comparing either dioxin or DDT contamination at different Ontario locations as being as bad or worse as it is here. The inference being of course that our local pollution is both common and ubiquitous. Gad how to use additional environmental failures as somehow justifying their failures here.

Next month's municipal election (Oct. 24/22) might turn around the longterm disgraceful behaviour of our local councils. Another strong and honest candidate is Bonnie Bryant. Dear God do not elect or throw out Murray Martin based solely upon his comments regarding a rainbow sidewalk. Throw him out for his disparaging comments towards Delegations and citizens appearing before Council over his many terms as a councillor. 

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