Saturday, October 3, 2015


I raise this question because of the cartoon in the Woolwich Observer this week. It shows Mayor Shantz dumping cash down the toilet. Yours truly is in the background waving and the caption refers to the lawyers at least being happy. The other reason why I'm asking this question is due to both mayor Shantz's and Councillor Bauman's Supplementary Financial Statements. Sandy's was submitted on August 20 and Mark's on September 18/15. They are borh currently on-line and neither one has legal expenses included with them. Regardless of who paid Jaimie Bennett of Madorin Snyder I was of the understanding that legal expenses relating to defending oneself from Election Act charges or penalties had to be included on one's Supplementary Financial Statements. Is it possible that the Township paid those bills and don't want them showing up on their website?

Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried the following story titled "Woolwich Mayor Shantz's court date delayed to Oct. 28 due to mix-up". It is very similar to the Record story from two days earlier with of course the benefit of a day's hindsight from the Thursday court appearance. One point I do have is a reference to myself attempting "to secure penalties against the mayor". That is not the point of either the legal charges or the second Compliance Audit Committee application. In fact the point in going to MECAC with both Councillor Hahn and mayor Shantz was to attempt to get full disclosure of all the facts pertaining to what certainly appeared to be bizarre accounting by both elected officials. It was sucessful with Councillor Hahn especially after MECAC ordered the forensic audit otherwise known as a Compliance Audit. In the mayor's case MECAC not only grossly failed in their duty but they essentially aided and abetted a coverup by allowing the mayor to "ambush" myself the Applicant and allegedly themselves as well via a thirty page submission, ten minutes prior to the start of the meeting. This MECAC decision was then both wrongly and illegally presented to Superior Court as a blessing or acceptance of the mayor's Amended Financial Statements.

Mayor Shantz has since publicly in Woolwich Council Chambers in August admitted to having submitted a sworn, untrue statement to Superior Court regarding MECAC having received her thirty page submission three days prior to the July 2/15 meeting. Furthermore the Superior Court Decision specifically and incorrectly refers to mayor Shantz as having included all her Expenses and Contributions (donations) in her March 23/ June 16, 2015 Financial Statement submitted to MECAC and themselves.

On Monday I hope to be speaking here about the recently released 2014 and 2015 Sediment and Fish results in the Canagagigue Creek. They are very bad and far in excess of all provincial and federal standards regarding both DDT and Dioxins in the creek. Mayor Shantz and Councillor Mark Bauman in league with Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) have sucessfully removed public consultation by both the public as well as by sincere informed citizens on CPAC and SWAT.

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