Tuesday, October 6, 2015


MECAC or the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee aren't very happy right now. To date, besides myself, two media persons have been advised that they are attempting to set up a date to convene with myself and mayor Shantz to do their business. Funny how the last time when I applied to MECAC on June 16/15 they had the meeting up and going and concluded all within sixteen days (July 2). Mayor Shantz even had her spanking brand new (allegedly) audit from Tim Adams of MAC LLP in hand, dated June 16/15 along with her new Financial Statement dated March 23/15 which she distributed to me ten minutes before the meeting and allegedly to MECAC as well. Her covering letter was dated June 29/15 and that was the date she wrongly advised Superior Court (Justice Broad) under oath that we had all received it. Sandy has since admitted submitting an untrue sworn statement to Superior Court on August 25/15 in Woolwich Council Chambers. Superior Court relied on her untrue sworn statements including her untrue March 23 & June 16/15 Financial Statement-Auditor's Report to restore her to the mayor's chair. Can you the readers understand why I have been persistent in my demands that mayor Shantz be held accountable both for her bizarre multiple Financial Statements but also for her self-serving and less than honest journey through MECAC and Superior Court to date?

I reapplied to MECAC on Friday September 25/15. To date I've heard exactly zero from them and only verbally from the Woolwich Clerk when I approached her at a recent Council meeting. MECAC will obviously know that I've already laid a private Information which has resulted in ten charges under the Municipal Elections Act against Sandy. They also know that since their abysmal dog and pony show on July 2/15 in which they both badly acted and acted badly that mayor Shantz was issued a default notice and removed as mayor temporarily. All of this speaks very badly to their willingness not to have done their proper and legal duty on July 2 by not ordering a Compliance Audit (forensic audit).

Now with the benefit of hindsight plus two more Financial Statements-Auditor's Reports even those deaf, dumb and blind individuals can see that she has increased her Contributions (donations) and her expenses with every single new Financial Statement. Obviously what she submitted to them at the July 2/15 meeting was erroneous and a forensic/compliance audit would have picked up on that much sooner. Their other problem of course is do they dare give the mayor a second pass with election charges looming over her? Are MECAC willing to further expose their stupidity and corruption to the public?

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  1. Are MECAC willing to further expose their stupidity and corruption to the public?
    I don't see why not.. I mean the Ministry of Environment have been doing it for years to the residents of Elmira, so why not another government agency pulling the same crap?.. it's what they do..