Friday, October 16, 2015


Yesterday I sent a two page written response (10:02 am.) to the Township Clerk as well as another Township employee named in the Clerk's 100 page package of the previous evening. My response was later sent to Woolwich's CAO, four Councillors, the media, colleagues and to a prosecuter in Kitchener. The reason for this is that the Township do all their best stickhandling and obfuscation behind closed doors, in the dark and out of hearing. Also I do not expect honest results from MECAC based upon their history in Woolwich. The only real accountability for the mayor's multiple, false and inaccurate Financial Statements is here and hopefully in the media. Pardon the pun but the jury is still out on Provincial Offences Court.

The 100 page package sent out has numerous inaccuracies, some of which I mentioned in my two page 10:12 am. response. The page titled MECAC HEARING is a purported list of "Statements Submitted by Sandy Shantz". It is inaccurate and misleading regarding what was sent to Suoerior Court for their July 23/15 hearing to restore the mayor's chair to Sandy. The appearance is an attempt to hide the moral, legal and commonsense significance of Sandy's second Financial Statement (March23 & June 16/15) submitted to me, MECAC and finally Superior Court.

This second Financial Statement is the one which really destroys a lot of Sandy's credibility and claims of good faith and honest mistakes. It has the March 23 date which is four days PRIOR to the March 27 deadline. It also has her first (of three) completed auditor's reports dated June 16; the very same day I submitted my Application for a Compliance Audit. It also has her Spreadsheet which clearly shows she originally included the costs of her Thank You party AND newspaper Appreciation Notices and then dropped most of them out.

Once again the Township are trying to sell the falsehood that both MECAC and Superior Court have reviewed Sandy's first two Financial Statements and accepted them. I hammered the Clerk (Val)and the Township on this point advising that they can't both ambush me and allegedly MECAC with the second set of Financials (30 pages) ten minutes before the meeting and then claim that they were "reviewed" much less read by MECAC. Superior Court relied on this same falsehood thinking that Mayor Shantz's semi illegible March 23/15 Financial Statement had been reviewed properly by MECAC. Afterall mayor Shantz has since publicly (August 25 in Council) admitted that her sworn statement to Superior Court claiming that MECAC had three days (June 29-July 2) to read them was untrue.

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