Tuesday, October 27, 2015


MECAC Chair Carl Zehr is a piece of very bad work. The fact that he managed to last as a local politician for so long in Kitchener indicates to me that slimy and scheming apparently works well. As MECAC Chair he has presided over three absolutely horrible meetings in Woolwich Township in which politics and deception triumphed over transparency, accountability and honesty. He professed great umbrage with comments from Lisa MacDonald, Richard Clausi and myself which could have been inferred to be questioning both his and MECAC's integrity. The fourth speaker while speaking to following the rules etc. was less harsh in her take on MECAC.

It's all about manipulation. This is how "good" politicians take meetings in the direction they want. If they hit resistance from one speaker then as they have control of the agenda and process they simply move on. If one party or Delegate at the meeting either states a very embarassing fact or asks a difficult question then they ignore it. Over the course of a meeting there is so much said and so many highlights it is impossible for everything to be remembered by the public except the items which took up most of the time.

Of great interest to me yesterday was the alleged "urgent matter" that kept one of the MECAC members from attending. This "urgent matter" was most likely their conflict of interest in making decisions regarding mayor Shantz. I actually give them credit for not attending. Chair Carl Zehr through his link to Metrolinx (Board of Governers) is in a similar conflict of interest position but attended anyways in order to ensure that Sandy did not have a Compliance Audit ordered.

While my Delegation was powerful and highly critical of the MECAC process, Richard Clausi really put it to MECAC. He described the "trickery" that has been underway throughout the process both from MECAC, mayor Shantz and Woolwich Council. This included the mayor "ambushing" myself and maybe MECAC with 30 pages of documents on July 2/15, ten minutes before the meeting. It included no counterpoint evidence or position from Woolwich Township at Superior Court both for Councillor Bauman and mayor Shantz. Also MECAC's flimsy excuses in not sending the Councillor Hahn case on to a prosecuter including their prejudging the judicial system's possible non conviction and using that as an excuse not to send him on. Sandy's admitted submission of a sworn untrue statement to Superior Court has not been followed up by any authorities. Finally the acceptance for convenience of late and legally unacceptable Financial Statements by Woolwich Township, MECAC and even Superior Court.

Yesterday's improper decision contrary to case law and evidence submitted to MECAC was totally expected. A leopard does not change its' spots. Richard at the end of his Delegation worded it nicely and suggested that MECAC if they knew they had failed badly should do the honourable thing by resigning. Obviously doing the honourable thing is not a high priority for MECAC.


  1. Wow now that the MECAC has "ruled" is "it" really all over? I think it is hysterical of anyone to even suggest such a thing. One thing the system and its minions hate the most is that they cannot control the hearts and minds of the people all of the time. Whenever I witness systemic abuse it makes me cringe especially when it involves the manipulation of citizens rights and freedoms. My best advice, repent of our sins and become free.

    1. Are you one of God's minion? Just wondering. No reason.

    2. Yes I am and I cherish freewill and I love freedom and I search for the truth about basically everything.