Friday, October 9, 2015


If you can't win an issue based upon facts, commonsense and decency then hide behind process and the law. Better yet use the law inappropriately as a club in order to bias or slant the hearing or proceedings. This is exactly what Woolwich Township continue to do for mayor Shantz's benefit. The MECAC hearing is now scheduled for October 26 at 9:30 am. in Council Chambers.

This hearing gives MECAC an opportunity to right the wrong they bungled their way through on July 2/15. The only decision for them on the 26th is whether to order a Compliance Audit otherwise known as a forensic audit of the mayor's election campaign finances. The evidence clearly demanding such an audit include the mayor's admissions to date that she failed to provide an audit by the March 27/15 deadline, she accepted an overcontribution from associated corporations, she underreported her Total Contributions (donations) and via her four Financial Statements she underreported her campaign Expenses. I have provided MECAC with both the law and with legal opinions stating that the threshold to order this Compliance Audit is very low and only requires a single contravention of the Elections Act much less the multiple ones already admitted to.

Late yesterday I received another e-mail from the Township Clerk, Val Hummel. Appearances are that Woolwich are once again attempting to hide behind their own in-house legal opinions. The Township's lawyer does not represent me, you or the public interest. Unfortunately neither does Council or Staff on many occasions and this is one of them. Their lawyer represents Council and Staff interests only and they do not want mayor Shantz's honest or otherwise errors publicly exposed. To date absolutely zero authorities have either honestly or seriously examined her four Financial Statements. Superior Court allowed two parties namely the applicant (Sandy) and the Respondent (Woolwich). Woolwich took no position at Superior Court allowing Sandy to enter uncontested and in fact later publicly admitted untrue evidence. I was denied party status or the right to enter evidence by Justice Broad.

Woolwich's lawyer is once again going to be providing a Woolwich self-serving opinion to MECAC members. He will be raising a red herring legal doctrine known as Issue Estoppel. This is no more than a blatant attempt to deflect and distract MECAC from their very simple decision to order a Forensic Audit of Mayor Shantz's Financial Statements as they should have over three months ago. We the taxpayers are paying for this lawyer but he does not represent us or our interests. He is being used to coverup election campaign contraventions and improprieties. Nothing less.


  1. The GOOD NEWS is the more they attempt to cover up the truth, the more the truth will persevere!

  2. And why not rack up the legal fees and taxes. We're already in for over $50k at least we are keeping the money local yay!

  3. Where is that figure of $50,000 coming from?