Wednesday, October 7, 2015



I do not live in Breslau nor do I know anyone personally who lives near the park. I have followed the "process" both in the media and at a number of Woolwich Council meetings including the last two. There has been an odour at times which worried me. Earlier comments from some Councillors made me think that they clearly had made up their minds in favour a long time ago.

Last week the majority of the Delegations clearly were strongly against parkland being sold to the Catholic school board for them to build a school there. Last night the majority of the Delegations were clearly in favour of the parkland being sold to the Catholic board for them to build a school there. Most especially the first ten Delegations were in favour and then oddly/cleverly it seemed to me Council permitted literally last second Delegations from some of the folks who spoke the week before in opposition.

I have no doubt regarding the sincereity and honesty of each and every citizen who spoke passionately whether against or in favour of the proposal. They were speaking from the heart and I truly would have been torn making a decision. Possibly I would have decided based upon the apparent split within the community. The poll of 300 plus homes did not seem to be called into question regarding its' accuracy or wording of the question. It was 36% in favour, 34% against and 21% undecided or no opinion. If my math is correct then there were approximately 9% who refused to answer or respond to the question.

Up until last week's vote I saw Mayor Shantz and Councillor Mark Bauman favouring a deal with the school board. Mark's negative vote last week sent off warning bells in my head. I knew that a Committee of the Whole vote did not bind Woolwich Council and yet even so I wondered. Councillor Martin I expected to stick with the Mayor as he usually did with former mayor Strauss. Larry Shantz surprised me both last week and last night. He voted against his brother-in-law Mark and against his distant cousin Sandy. I at first bought into his performance. I actually believed what he had to say.

This was no dog and pony show similar to MECAC's pathetic performance last July 2 in Council Chambers. I know first hand only to well the acting talents and abilities of Mayor Shantz and Councillor Bauman. This Breslau proposal was handled professionally and I do mean handled. Shantz, Bauman and probably Murray Martin wanted to sell the parkland for $1.75
million. They have plans for that money and I for one know them well enough to seriously doubt that the money will go where they have said. Some yes, all never. Councillor Merlihan last evening asked the ten Delegates in favour of the proposal where they've been for the last eight months. That is a good question. Had they and the yes side received subtle cues that it was a done deal a while ago? Or not?

For a professional handling and manipulation of citizens this was impressive. The gang who normally can't shoot straight were all over this one. This is absolutely no disgrace to the approximate 1/3 of citizens who honestly believe this project is in the community's best interests. Perhaps it is and maybe it isn't but based upon the long and odourous histories of three Councillors I believe they decided it long ago and in their interests not the communitys'.


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  2. I took part in the survey that found that their system was significantly flawed. In trying to read and answer the 3 questions, the tablet timed out and went blank twice; hence you had to rush to put in answers. Undecided whether this would influence the end result but the surveying process was definitely flawed.

    The final report also includes the feedback from an earlier interested study where 60 people attended and were asked to list 3 benefits and 3 concerns. Off hand I believe 24 people filled out this survey only 3 (of potentially 72 comments of the 24 people) listed having the school as a "benefit".

  3. WOW, I am SO PLEASED to see that our fellow citizens above and so many others are waking up to the truth about how messed up and how corrupt things are in ALL areas of so called public service. In order to get elected OR appointed anywhere nowadays the winning candidate almost always operates from a perspective of extremely biased positions (multiple layers of Conflicts of Interest) with prejudice mixed in. CORRUPTION is a viral cancer that has spread into every part of life where we are tightly controlled. In our modern society our servants morph into leaders by stealth and now we are being ruled by these type of crappy biased tyrants. Nothing in politics "happens" by mistake. Consensus building for all the taxpayers only occurs when the RIGHT servants are in place. This Breslau Scenario is the perfect example where democracy fails, when 51% can force the other 49% do their bidding...The only thing WORSE is the situation we MOST OFTEN find ourselves in, (locally and Provincially and Federally, which is akin to 2 wolves and a sheep having a meeting to decide what's for dinner. As for me I would not care less what any adversaries think of me, I would NOT be eaten without a bloody fight! More Power to ALL the truth-seekers because Truth = Freedom!

  4. I was so pleased to see this in the blog today. What a upset this has caused the whole Breslau community due to the sneaky way it was handled. ok. Because the Township's Official Plan was tied up with the OMB, no land for development could be purchased and re zoned. Just last week, the Township found out the Official Plan will soon be done and then the School Board can build a school where they choose. Yes, they all thought a done deal. Scott Hahn did not show up for Council a week ago to listen to all the delegates and the reasons to vote "NO" to the proposal and why did they not direct staff after voting "NO". This was the plan all along. The shameless school board sent a letter home to all parents stating they lost the vote and the results. Not a very nice letter for children to read I might add.The letter did state they can use other lands for the school instead of the Community Centre. What has folks in breslau so upset is the fact they funded 400 thousand for a gym and now the school will be attached to the gym so the Board doesn't have to build one plus the 4 acres of parkland included in the deal. Councillor Martin's excuse was it will increase property value according to his real estate agent. Well, news flash, backing onto the parking and a school with bells is not the case and a real estate agent in the crowd verified value would fall due to the project. The Township needs the money quickly as they lost a lawsuit at the baseball diamond. The director told this to several...was this actually true, who knows. In one week, a vote that the clerk said our Township has never done. Scott Hahn allowed to vote even though he did not the week before and low and behold, he was given the motion in writing before the meeting to read. A total scheme concocted by our lovely staff at Township level and the Mayor. So ridiculous how the the first 10 delegates (some not from the area) spoke and raised their voices.....were absent the whole process that started 2 years ago. Merlihan was so right in asking where were you? According to the clerk this vote can yet again be overturned, but I doubt it. Councillor Martin has done this for years, told Breslau yes to their face and then votes "no" in the end with some lame excuse that has no validation . If the school board cannot afford a library and gym then they can't afford it. I guess Woolwich is now turned Catholic as they have set precedent. How much are they going to give to all the religion's now,