Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've slowly come to realize that corruption is so much more than direct, illegal acts. It is more than merely intentionally breaking laws and commiting overt "corrupt" acts. It is much more than has been defined to date.

I've often in this Blog defined corruption as "being riddled with errors". That is actually one dictionary definition of it. Slowly and painfully having paid much more attention over the last five years or so I've come to the startling conclusion that corruption starts in the mind. It even starts in the minds of those who had never considered corrupt practices before. Corruption is a shortcut. It is both the dishonest person's tool but also the lazy person's tool. From a tool it can also transform into a weapon. It can be a method of silencing critics and dissent as well as political opponents.

Corruption becomes a state of mind for those in power or authority. They begin to believe that they are the "chosen" ones; that election results have proven their inherent superiority over their fellow man. What they often lose sight of between elections is how fleeting power is. Just ask Todd Cowan, Steven Harper, Richard Nixon and decades of politicians unceremoniously given the heave ho by the electorate.

This state of mind leads them and their accolytes to believe that the end justifys the means. If the mayor, premier or prime minister decide on a direction then opposition from either other politicians or ungrateful citizens must be deflected, distracted, sideswiped, crushed and or removed by any means possible. Perhaps these people in power directly or indirectly by serving the powerful, would never think of committing crimes of bank robbery, break and enter, assault etc.. In their minds however "bending" of rules is not only O.K. it's standard operating procedure. Where in criminal law does it say that you can't stack committees with your friends? Where does it say that you can't gild the lily in selling your position or direction to the public? What law expressly forbids politicians and their supporters from lying to the public?

What law is Woolwich Council and senior staff breaking when they knowingly permit members of MECAC with gross conflicts of interest in favour of mayor Shantz to sit on that committee again this Monday to make an important decision for or against a Forensic Audit? What law are they breaking when they allow a lawyer who takes direction from the mayor and her council to give an allegedly impartial legal opinion to MECAC telling them what issues they can and cannot discuss? What law are they breaking when they limit the Applicant, myself, to a mere ten minute Delegation with absolutely no opportunity to rebut or clarify testimony and Delegations from others?

What law did the mayor break when she ambushed me and allegedly MECAC ten minutes before the July2/15 MECAC meeting with 30 pages of new financial information? What law did she break when she submitted an "untrue" sworn statement to Superior Court last July 23/15. Ahhh! Now hears the rub. All the rest was likely mere unethical, immoral behaviour. At what exact point do those in authority after years of unethical, unfair and contemptible behaviour cross the legal line? Did the mayor cross it with her abuse of process at MECAC on July 2 or did she cross it when she submitted an untrue sworn statement to Superior Court? Or did she cross it when she submitted her initial sworn and now admitted false Financial Statement (Feb.2/15) to the Woolwich Clerk and let it stand past the March 27/15 deadline?

Corruption is insidious. It starts with self serving lying and grows from there. Obviously those in power are far more likely to become slaves to it.


  1. Rather than ramble on day after day on the same issue, having somehow made yourself some higher level of authority, why not work to make the community better rather than rip it down! Name calling a disrespect of people, especially those in elected authority is unnecessary. Keeping elected officials in check is one thing, but you bias to a few members is clear. Odd that you do not speak of all Council and challenge all of them on their expenses during the election... Maybe rather than attack and pretend to have all the wisdom and pretend to having the backing of the community, you should run and try lead from in front not hiding from behind

    1. I not only checked all six Woolwich council members Financial Statements but also looked at other candidates throughout Waterloo Region for comparison purposes. Mark Bauman, Scott hahn and Sandy Shantz were the worst of the worst, all right here in Woolwich.

    2. Mr. Marshall was born with a brain and a set of lips just like you. He is NOT trying to control you so DO not try and control him. If you deserve to be free so does he! You are free to accept the status quo and he is free NOT to.

  2. Our modern society of common people since the 1960's have rejected the fact that there is a HUGE difference between good and evil and this is exactly why corruption thrives today. Politics and regulations have taken the place of freewill and conscience and good discernment. Nobody in power truly cares anymore!