Wednesday, October 21, 2015


As mentioned it's all about framing the process and the issues beforehand. To date there has not been any serious or honest examination of any of mayor Shantz's Financial Statements. All four of them have been shunted to the sidelines by the mayor with the direct help of senior Woolwich Staff, council, MECAC and the Township's lawyers. It is all their intent to do the same thing this Monday in Council Chambers. There will be no intelligent debate or questions of me regarding specifics of her multiple contraventions of the Elections Act.

I have been going back and forth with the Township Clerk and CAO on the issue of the Township's lawyers speaking to MECAC and advising them of what their jurisdiction is. On the Agenda it is referred to as "Scope of MECAC Review by Township Legal Counsel, Smith-Valeriote". Having a partisan group (Township) providing allegedly nuetral, non partisan "legal advice" to MECAC is ridiculous. A both hilarious and revealing written quote from the Township Clerk yesterday to me is as follows : "Contrary to your statement that Smith Valeriote act for Woolwich Council and Senior Staff, it must be clarified that Smith Valeriote acts for the Corporation of the Township of Woolwich, and only takes instructions from Council, and where appropriately delegated, senior staff." Honest to God that's what she wrote to me after I indicated that the lawyer speaking to MECAC was going to partisanly steer them in the direction that the mayor and her council want. That direction is firmly away from any public, transparent examination of the mayor's election expense contraventions.

The issue is are there contraventions of the Elections Act (Yes) and therefore should MECAC order a Compliance Audit (forensic audit) to get to the bottom of those contraventions. Again yes. MECAC are just as guilty as the Township. They are looking for an out to avoid ordering this Compliance Audit. If they can get a lawyer hired and paid for by Woolwich Council & Senior Staff to advise them to either limit their review to only part of the Mayor's four Financial Statements and or advise them that they don't have to order an audit; they will take that out as they have already proven that they are biased and dishonest on two occasions recently here in Woolwich.

Val Hummel's (Twn. Clerk) last three sentences also speak volumes: " Township staff and Smith Valeriote cannot and will not in any way influence MECAC's decsions, which are in any event, reviewable by the courts. I trust this matter can be put to rest. I will disregard further e-mails from you on this matter."

If that is true then why is your lawyer addressing MECAC in the first place other than to influence them, Val? Her comment about MECAC's decisions being reviewable by the courts is hilarious. Will Woolwich township pay my legal bills the same way they are paying Sandy's and Mark's? I think not!


  1. I think the question needs to be asked: if Sandy Shantz is before the courts for the same issues, her legal bills including mecac hearings should be covered by her own personal account? If she is really taking ownership of her financials then she would pay for her own legal support like any public citizen would. The other thought is the Township funneling this through there insurance and what would the insurance lawyer's say? Its a public corporation and these topics should be relevant to all allegedly of course.

  2. Or the fact that you are grasping at straws and the township has actual jobs to take care of. They don't have anymore time to waste on your bullshit accusations and I'm glad to see no more resources will be spent on your whining. Well done Val and Woolwich! Finally, we can move on from this schmuck.

  3. Maybe anonymous at 2:06 pm. should get off his butt and read Sandy's Financials on the Woolwich Township website. Perhaps if you showed even an inkling of knowledge you would have intelligent comments to make. "bullshit accusations " simply show you're too lazy to read either my posts carefully or Sandy's Financials. She's admitted to all kinds of contrventions already and more are obvious if you do your homework.

  4. To the anonomouse at 2:06 How about this, we will move on when we ALL agree to do so. You and all the control freaks are going to be taught a few lessons FIRST!