Monday, October 19, 2015


Am I in this Blog exposing particularly nasty polluters, politicians, government departments and other assorted anti social elements or does it go deeper than that? Am I by challenging misbehaviour, illegalities and lying by both private and public persons actually challenging the moral authority of the state? Am I exposing the hypocrisy of governments, municipal, regional, provincial and federal who pretend to be the possessers of some higher moral authority and righteousness than the citizens who put them there?

While the citizens reading the Elmira Advocate may be focused on the nitty gritty here in Woolwich Township I know that the professional politicians out there are not happy. Think about it. Is mayor Shantz particularily influential anywhere but in Woolwich Township? As a rookie regional councillor representing one small township within three other townships plus three large cities does she have any particular influence at the regional table?

I think not. What is of concern to those with real power is the example and precedent being set. Actually, publicly holding politicians to account is not good for political business. It also isn't good for every lying, cheating, polluting business hiding behind the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Similarily all the smaller businesses whether manufacturing or construction who routinely take safety shortcuts knowing they will not be audited or examined by the Ministry of Labour but once every five or ten years at most; they fear exposure of these ministrys incompetence and ineffectiveness.

Business and government wash each others hands of dirt. It is to their mutual advantage to promote confidence in the public that everything is under control. Crises like the Elmira water crisis in 1989 expose the ugly truth that our governments are essentially an expensive facade going through the motions, far more concerned with appearances than with reality.

Governments preach accountability and transparency while actually doing everything in their power to remove individual citizens from sucessfully being able to do so. To date we have seen the MECAC disgrace and the intended disrespectful of citizens time and effort Superior Court process around the Municipal Elections Act. Only holding what is known as Intake Court one day of the week (Fridays), handing out the wrong forms and then assigning the case to the wrong court (Superior versus Provincial Offences) are pretty blatant examples. Surface incompetence often hides institutional bias and lack of training of staff.

This folks is what I am all about. Does the alleged process protecting citizens from either health destroying pollution or from corrupt politicians actually work? Or is it all for show?

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  1. Curious as to who you are voting for this federal election and why.