Thursday, October 15, 2015


Last evening I received a huge package of steaming hot horse apples from Woolwich Clerk Val Hummel. This e-mail consisted of well over a hundred pages of lies, deceptions and manipulations with but one single purpose apparent. That is to deny any kind of honest review of Mayor Shantz's constantly expanding web of nonsense by MECAC thus allowing them to wiggle out of the clear duty amd responsibility to order a Compliance/Forensic Audit of the mayor's FOUR Financial Statements.

As expected Woolwich Council's already tainted legal Counsel will attempt to bullshit and bafflegab MECAC into limiting the scope of their review. Council's legal Counsel were roundly ctiicized and held up to public condemnation by Richard Clausi at the August 25/15 Woolwich Council meeting. The information I have received from the Clerk indicates that while it will be discussed on October 26/15 as Agenda Item #3 by Smith-Valeriote, lawyers; the decision will be made unilaterally beforehand and so distributed. This is contemptible and reprehensible behaviour. In other words par for the course for Woolwich Township.

Keep clearly in mind that to date MECAC have shown little inclination for either independent decision making or even a basic understanding of their duties. Hence I believe that they are simply looking for outs and excuses provided by anybody with an aura of either respectability or authority to show them the way. That they are willing to believe that in-house lawyers for the Township provide either, is laughable and pathetic simultaneously.

Woolwich pulled even worse process at Councillor Hahn's last MECAC meeting. There they held a closed session allowing their biased, non nuetral counsel to give "legal advice" to MECAC in private, dealing with their powers and authority. Obviously based on MECAC's decision not to send Scott Hahn on to the prosecuter for consideration of Election Act charges, the Township's lawyer told them they didn't have to. In other words he gave them plausible deniability for their improper and contrary to case law decision. If it had been done properly in public at least some minimal opposing opinion could have been presented publicly to MECAC even under the stilted Agenda.

Further outrageous errors and omissions abound in this package. They will be addressed shortly in writing by myself both here and directly to Woolwich Staff/Council.


  1. LOL "allowed their biased, non neutral" you're turning into a comedian. This entire blog is biased and non neutral. You and Holt have a personal vendetta on the mayor and Hahn. Love the hypocrisy.

  2. To the comment at 3:15, the Hahn was shown as a liar due to the forensic audit. He was caught by due process. Its people like shantz and Hahn that demean the MEA all together. What they have done is disrespectful of all the candidates who ran in the election. There were others that spoke at the Hahn case including Shantz and curious enough, she walked away from the podium when questioned by Mecac as to why she supported Hahn's financials. Shantz's words stumbled trying to explain hers. This Blog will go down in history as a voice for the people. Get your financials straight is all the people are asking.She is wasting so much time re doing them as were not right in the first place and then maybe just maybe she will think about cleaning up the water supply. At least with last council, a voice was heard.

  3. To the anonymous comment at 3:15; Nothing in this blog is funny except those that are political and fast asleep thinking they can control the truth by attempting to talk down to it!

  4. Just had to delete another one folks. This one sent in at 9:16 am. I copied first and then sent to spam. It was so juvenile it accused me of drug dealing in a local park although the "commenter" wasn't sure if the drugs might be viagra. At my age it might be helpful! The commenter also then claimed to have informed the regional police (that I'm on viagra???). Quite the anonymous nutjob obviously.