Tuesday, December 4, 2012


O.K. I just got off the telephone where I was confirming tonite's meeting at the St. Jacobs Community Centre. A fellow from XCG Consultants indeed confirmed that the exciting and sexy topic of sewage will be on the Agenda. This is an important topic however. Recently I posted here in the Advocate the fact that the Elmira WWTP (STP) was the third worst offender in the Grand River watershed for either intentional or accidental by-passes of partially treated sewage.

While the Region of Waterloo are currently underway with both planning and actual construction improvements at a number of sewage plants in the region; obviously it's not a moment too soon and indeed probably should have been down five years ago. We are still slowly learning of varieties of chemicals which are not broken down or removed by our treatment plants. Among others these include pharmaceuticals which are harmful to both human and natural life in the watershed.

Apparently there are choices as to the preferred wastewater treatment plans. It would be helpful if more citizens made it clear to our politicians that more treatment is better. Yes more treatment costs more money but it is money well spent not only for all of us now but for future generations.

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