Friday, December 28, 2012


Politics makes strange bedfellows. Partisanship and pollution make even stranger bedfellows.

What is the defining behaviour of spiteful little girls in the schoolyard? Mean malicious gossip for the purpose of elevating their status and preeminence at the expense of anothers. This is the original form of schoolyard abuse practised by the girls. They let the boys do the rough and tumble scrapping while they practiced the fine art of character assassination.

Last week I asked the rhetorical question as to what "...the idjits..." were doing. This was in reference to Dwight and Josef's performance at Council a week ago last Tuesday. It made no sense to me their attack upon Dr. Dan Holt including suggesting that he breached confidentiality. Well I've been doing some serious thinking since and rarely have I ever seriously accused Chemtura of being stupid. Untruthful, dishonest, manipulative absolutely. So if they're not stupid why would they also accuse him of distorting the verification team's position and claiming a verbal decision was made denying the verification? I briefly touched on this last week and suggested that they are counting on the former extremely resentful CPAC Chair to undermine Dr. Dan. Readers please keep in mind several points here. Firstly this hasn't happened yet or at least it hasn't gone public yet therefore I am merely predicting the future here. Secondly the former CPAC Chair has a history of manipulation including five years ago getting a former consultant to CPAC & Council to submit his resignation claiming that he couldn't work with me on CPAC. This of course eventually led to my expulsion from CPAC by Council (ie. spiteful little girls in the schoolyard). Then Pat & Susan a year ago last spring had hydrologist Richard Petrone submit his resignation to Woolwich Council claiming that Council were disrespectful to the old CPAC . Clearly Pat and friends hoped (unsucessfully) to spook the new Council into reappointing them. The hypocrisy of course was that Richard Petrone spent more time on his publicly distributed resignation letter than he ever did at CPAC, including not attending meetings.

So three times the charm perhaps? Dr. Dan accepted the appointment to the verification team in good faith. In good faith he believed that they would play by the normal rules of civilized society. I believe that he walked into the lion's den and gave Chemtura and CIAC (Chemistry Institute..), CPAC's position on refusing verification to Chemtura . This is combined with his good work as CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) Chair which has absolutely infuriated Chemtura. The CPAC Resolution last spring and followup has undermined twenty-three years of manipulation, deception, obfuscation and co-opting of CPAC.

So when I refer to spiteful little girls I am including Chemtura and their fellow travellors. If my prediction is wrong then Chemtura are indeed stupid. If my prediction is correct then they are beyond the pale with their outrageous behaviour as they will be in full cooperation with their friends and former CPAC members. The lesson here to an honest CPAC is this: DO NOT ATTEND ALONE anything at Chemtura, M.O.E. or any of their fellow travellors. In fact quite frankly, however this turns out, I think CPAC should bluntly advise the Chemistry Institute Assoc'n of Canada (CIAC) that in future CPAC will only deal with any body or group in public and in numbers. If my prediction is accurate then the CIAC also have very dirty hands in all of this disgusting scenario.

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