Friday, December 7, 2012


Kitchener, Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo all have brownfield incentives plans; unfortunately. These plans reward anti social behaviour. They enable irresponsible property owners to cut their costs of production by passing on waste disposal and treatment costs to the public. This "externalizing" of costs is common and is simply a method for private industry to steal from the public purse. These cleanup costs to the public occur when either municipalities, the Region or the Ontario Ministry of the Environment become involved in cleaning up either ongoing businesses or abandoned ones. The other way they accrue to the public is when these government bodies don't take the initiative but simply sit back and wait for a private developer to come along. Then they offer him "incentives" as in tax reductions for him to do the cleanup.

There will be a public open house on December 13/12 from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. It's purpose will be to discuss brownfield incentive plans for the City of Waterloo. Today's waterloo region record has the following story "Lack of brownfield program could be liability, city hears".


  1. I just got a survey in the mail from Woolwich Township asking if we could accept a **Casino**!!!!!!! Is this for real? Could the Advocate start to track this issue?! Seems we just go over the slot machine issue that was proposed for the old raceway. **TODD COWAN** NO TO GAMBLING BUT WHY WOULD YOU LISTEN WHEN YOU ROLLED OVER ON THE GRAVEL PITS? SHAME ON YOU for letting this happen!

  2. Nope slots aren't an environmental issue. I and my wife have already sent in our survey card marked with a NO. A political issue it is and yes Todd, Mark B. and Julie rolled over on the gravel pits. Kudos to Councillor Bonnie Bryant for voting no in regards to the Jigs Hollow pit.

  3. Okay thank you for your "NO" vote and for covering environmental issues.