Saturday, December 29, 2012


Yesterday's Elmira Independent on page 6 carrys this story "CPAC Chair denies breach of confidentiality". Unfortunately despite my efforts I couldn't get a link to it. This story is similar to the one in last week's Woolwich Observer in which Dr. Dan Holt advises that Chemtura/CIAC had attempted to get the verification team to sign Confidentiality Clauses a year and a half ago. Appropriately, Dr. Dan refused to sign.

So far there is no followup to Chemtura's claim that a verbal decision to deny verification did not occur. Dr. Dan has absolutely zero motive to make his statement that that decision was made and clearly expressed to team members including himself without it having occurred. Chemtura and friends however have a huge motive to attempt to throw mud at Dr. Dan; the Chair of CPAC because he and CPAC have dramatically undermined their myth and sham of a cleanup. It all boils down to money and pride. Chemtura want to do the minimum cleanup they can get away with but they don't want the public contempt and condemnation that appropriately should follow.

They would like a new Chair and preferably dramatically less public input which would include the SWAT (soil, water, air, technical) team consisting of Rich Clausi, Henry Regier and myself. Any attempts in that direction would also diminish input from the floor and the audience. We have had input from former CPAC members this year as well as a couple of other residents. Ideally Chemtura would like an entire new CPAC membership made up primarily of the former one. They could "work" with the former CPAC. By work I am being sarcastic.

I believe there is an attempt by the CIAC and Chemtura to reverse the verbal decision that was made concerning verification. For me I see the basic integrity of the CIAC about to be exposed. We will know shortly.

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