Wednesday, December 26, 2012


In the December 13/12 Elmira Independent, Gail Martin wrote the following Editorial "OMB should be reviewed". The headline above was not a quote or even a direct takeoff from Gail's Editorial. Gail emphasizes the procedural difficulties including financial ones which make it difficult for citizens to get involved. Her Editorial while focusing on the Jigs Hollow Pit here in Woolwich Township, nevertheless covers all pits and issues before the Ontario Municipal Board.

The Aggregate Resources Act has been described by various writers as a cudgel among other things. It does not remotely balance legitimate, competing interests such as agriculture or the rights of already present neighbours and residents. The old idea of a man's home is his castle is dashed to pieces when a gravel company eyes the gravel beside your home. What amazed me at the Jigs Hollow Pit hearing as well as at numerous Council meetings were the self serving, client driven reports and "studies" submitted on behalf of the proponent. Keep in mind I've been exposed to that kind of dishonesty for the past two decades and now realize that bafflegabbing and credentialism are standard operating procedure when you are allegedly "consulting" with or including the public in the process. It's all a massive whitewash done for the benefit of the well connected and well off and aided and abetted by their tame politicians. The system is rotten.

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