Friday, December 21, 2012


A formal written Rebuttal has been sent to both local newspapers as well as to CPAC members from Chair Dr. Dan Holt. Dr. Dan is responding to the bizarre attack upon him by Dwight Este & Josef Olejarz of Chemtura at last Tuesday's Woolwich Council meeting. It seems peculiar in the least for a company who are spending money on a Public Relations firm (Sussex Group) to be behaving in such a fashion. One can only conclude that they are desperate and realize that they are losing the public relations war. Make no mistake that it is indeed a war. Part of CPAC's mandate relates to public education and this could spell the death knell of a two decades plus campaign by Chemtura and their fellow travellors, CRA and the M.O.E. to convince the public that the Elmira cleanup is under control. It is not and never has been and yours truly along with Dr. Henry Regier and Richard Clausi have been the voices in the wilderness. It is extremely gratifying to have both an honest and informed young CPAC fulfilling their duties to Woolwich residents .

Both our local papers this week have covered this issue. The Elmira Independent went to press yesterday ("Chemtura, CPAC chairman at odds over Responsible Care)" prior to being able to include Dr. Dan's Rebuttal. The Woolwich Observer came out this morning with the title "Chemtura, CPAC chair at odds over Responsible Care designation". They have included parts of Dr. Dan's Rebuttal including "There was no breach of confidence because there was/is no confidentiality agreement". Also "...we were given a confidentiality agreement to sign, but we the team members, objected to signing it and never did." Further Dr. Dan stated "I, as the chair of CPAC, represent CPAC, Woolwich council, and the residents of Elmira and I owe them truthful information regarding the process of cleaning up their aquifer, not something that has a spin to it.".

Dr. Dan maintains that verbally a firm decision was made to refuse verification by the verification team of which he is a member. Unfortunately the former and very upset CPAC Chair is also a member, courtesy of being appointed by Chemtura. She is and has been a friend of Chemtura's for far too long and I wouldn't be surprised for her to seize the opportunity to stab Dr. Dan in the back and help her polluting friends at the same time. A "Gosh I don't recall any decison having been made." would be a simple and gutless way to do it. Afterall how do you criticize someone who claims not to have heard?

This is a major part of Chemtura's anger at the current CPAC Chair. He spilled the beans which is both his right and his duty to the public whom he is representing. Unlike former CPAC members & Chair, Dr. Dan has not lost his way. This is extremely detrimental to the interests of our local world class polluter and their friends and they have gone on the offensive. Being able to count on Councillor Bauman for support at both Council and CPAC is helpful to them. I expect he will be getting an earful from other CPAC members for his inappropriate lack of support to date for Chairman Dr. Dan Holt.

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