Saturday, December 15, 2012


Both Editors of our two local newspapers were present in Council Chambers for the Committee of the Whole meeting this past Tuesday evening. As the Independent come out a day before the Observer, they got first kick at the can here (yesterday). Therefore rather than repeat I will try to pick and choose carefully what gets added today.

Firstly Dr. Dan Holt, CPAC Chair, emphasized that source removal of contaminants is a must; contrary to Chemtura's wishe$. "These contaminants can and do last for hundreds of years, and if they are left in the ground and aquifer, why would anyone believe that they will suddenly stop making our drinking water toxic?".

Secondly Chemtura and their consultants, decades after the startup of on-site pumping and fourteen years AFTER the startup of off-site pumping, are now acknowledging that major changes are necessary in their cleanup plans. They would have us believe that they came to this decision independently, based upon the science in their recent five year review. This is Conestoga Rover's & Associates Plan affectionately referred to as CRAP. Woolwich Township's young CPAC rejected the very same CRAP that they and their client had been selling to the old CPAC. The young Chemtura Public Advisory Committee did this last April and then Woolwich Council unanimously endorsed CPAC's Resolution in May.

Chemtura/CRA's new plans are ambitious, sort of. They are early days plans (23 years late) and they are problematic. Dr. Dan has advised Woolwich Council of several difficulties with them that need to be publicly addressed prior to startup.

Apparently Dwight Este of Chemtura was unhappy with Dr. Dan's comments regarding Chemtura failing (AGAIN) to receive verification from the Chemistry Industry Assoc'n of Canada (CIAC). In fact Dwighte claims that a decision has yet to be made. Really? That is very strange and I wonder what either Dwighte or the CIAC have up their sleeve. I have long held a lack of confidence in the inherent honesty of the CIAC based upon their membership of well known industrial polluters. Each and every time they've said no to Chemtura has been proper and appropriate but their rationale has been ambiguous, in my opinion.

The title of this article in the Observer is "CPAC continues to have qualms about cleanup deadline". The Observer also carrys an article titled "Residents call on council to reverse Jigs Hollow pit". The sub title of this article says it all namely: "Plenty of condemnation heaped on Woolwich officials over decision to settle rather than fight project".

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