Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday's post here in the Advocate asked if Chemtura would be whining and crying last night in front of Woolwich Council. Those words capture some of Dwight Este's performance as well as the words bizarre and macabre. My bottom line is what the heck are those idjits doing? Dwight's comments, with manager Josef Olejarz there in support, almost looked like part of an exit strategy. His presentation was neither factual, relevant nor honest. I personally and frankly enjoyably watched them stage a walkout from CPAC back in late 1998. They were gone for over a year and Chair Pat Mclean jumped through hoops and loops without public CPAC debate to bring them back. As usual I expect that most of the discussion and debate involved individual Council members and Pat in private. Perhaps Chemtura and their new PR firm have decided as a strategy to leave CPAC for a while, hoping to have a more comfortable time of it when they come back.

The other ongoing issue is Chemtura's umpteenth failed verification by the Chemistry Institute Association of Canada. CPAC Chair Dan Holt attended on behalf of CPAC and he reported a week ago Tuesday at Council that they had failed to achieve it again. He did this openly and publicly and clearly with full confidence that that indeed was the verbal Decision made and that it was appropriate after the fact to share that with the public. Chemtura instead of directly complaining/engaging Dan with their version of things instead went to the Woolwich Observer last Friday. Then last night they made a personal attack upon Dan (by name repeatedly) accusing him of inaccurate, misleading statements and of breaking confidentiality. Hoo boy the hypocrisy! How many times have I been accused of personal attacks but I guess it's different when it comes from Chemtura or just as an example from a tame, in the pocket Councillor.

It is no secret that Chemtura/CRA/M.O.E. are not happy with the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC). Chemtura not only aren't getting their own way as they've become accustomed to but nobody is swallowing their BS anymore and that really rankles them. No matter how calmly and professionally CPAC advise that they do not agree with the unholy trinity; Chemtura are deeply offended as indicated by last night's performance. They remind me of undisciplined five year old bullies.

Speaking of Councillors I think Mark Bauman may have slipped from his pretend nuetrality last night. He was way out of line to advise Dwight Este that if confidentiality had been broken by Dr. Dan Holt, that an apology would be forthcoming. Indeed if Mark is referring to he himself apologizing then I'd suggest that is appropriate as he's got lots to apologize for. If as it appeared he was trying to manoevre Dan into that position then I suggest that both as a Councillor and as a CPAC member, he should keep his mouth shut when he doesn't have all the facts.

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