Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Too little about a century too late. I have commented here before that a lot of the written reports, maps etc. are very informative. Another advantage might well be keeping unemployed hydrogeologists off the streets and out of the homeless shelters. Afterall exactly how many experts in how many fields can be employed by our various polluting industries and developers of brownfield properties, gravel pits etc. ?

Yesterday's K-W Record carrys another one of the DRINKING WATER SOURCE PROTECTION Act For Clean Water advertisements. This one is advising us that as part of their public consultation they are looking for comments by mail, e-mail or fax by the Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 deadline. Keep in mind this whole exercise is mandated by the province of Ontario after the Walkerton water tragedy. Many lessons were learned although for me the biggest lesson was that promoting unqualified people into positions of authority; while ostensibly having them supervised at arm's length by government employees who are equally unaccountable is a recipe for disaster. In other words when politicians and bureaucrats are more interested in appearances than in results, then their subordinates will give them exactly that. So in short we can study, research and file reports until the cows come home; I doubt that we've learned or improved a damn thing.

The plan is at www.sourcewater.ca

E-mail comments to comments@sourcewater.ca
Fax " " 519-621-4945
Mail " " Martin Keller, Source protection Manager c/0 Grand River Conservation Authority P.O. Box 729, 400 Clyde Rd., Cambridge ON N1R 5W6

So just to make my opinion perfectly clear keep in mind that this is coming from our blessedly infamous Ontario Ministry of the Environment. It is being passed on to our GRCA who are affectionately and accurately known as the Grand River Construction Authority. The GRCA Board are made up primarily of municipal politicians and their appointees. Hence the same idiots who have allowed our local industries to get away with murder environmentally are now slamming the gate shut loudly and proclaiming their desire to keep our water safe. It would all be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. I repeat, it's all about appearances not substance.

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