Tuesday, December 18, 2012


First of all Chemtura Canada have every right in the world to address Woolwich Council. They do not however have every right in the world to gild the lily, obfucate, BS and bafflegab. Tonite's Council Agenda has two Chemtura employees speaking "...regarding CPAC Update from December 11, 2012..." meeting. It seems likely that Chemtura will attempt to downplay and deny what CPAC said last week which basically expressed their lack of confidence in Chemtura and fellow travellors willingness or ability to restore our drinking water by the mandated (toothless) 2028 deadline.

Democracy is a wonderful thing which I feel has long been lost in this country. If you come out tonite to listen please do not bring tomatoes or any other weapons of mass destruction. Keep in mind democracy has been stolen in this country by professional liars without a shot being fired. This is the reality of Canadian revolutions. It can only be restored by loud and legitimate citizen involvement.

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