Tuesday, July 12, 2022


 O.K. I'm being a little humourous/sarcastic with that title above. We have just recently doubled our nominees for Mayor from one to two. Yup that's it. Sandy Shantz has joined the fray against Councillor Patrick Merlihan who declared two months ago. Isn't that strange. It appears that Sandy may not have actually embraced the idea of running against a challenger. Now I say this based upon my recollection of the last two municipal elections. Four years ago I believe that Sandy was acclaimed i.e. there were no challengers for the Mayor's position. Eight years ago the incumbent Mayor Todd Cowan imploded. Now with further thought during that campaign I think that Sandy had declared prior to Mr. Cowan's unfortunate descent into the depths of accountability which eventually included  criminal charges only some of which he beat. His re-election chances however were long gone prior to election day and prior to his conviction on one of the lesser charges.

   Regarding the other councillors the lack of nominations is also peculiar to date. That some may choose to not run again is certainly both an option and probably in the public interest. There are other community members with an interest who may very well step up and declare shortly. 

  In my opinion, despite Todd Cowan's self destructive behaviour, he actually had an acceptable Council to work with. By that I mean generally good people albeit a couple maybe weren't the most committed to the job or the sharpest. I am not a fan overall of the current Council or Mayor for a plethora of reasons that I have elucidated here many times. That said in the spirit of fair play I will pat the 2014-18 Council on the back for their decision  to erect the Fish warning signs along the Canagagigue Creek downstream of the Uniroyal/Lanxess site. This was particularly worthy because the Ontario Ministry of Environment flatly refused to do so when asked by Woolwich Township. When they refused either Sandy or Council stepped up and those signs can be seen on the New Jerusalem Rd. bridge over the Creek as well as at Northfield Dr. and Jigs Hollow Rd. (West Montrose) where they cross the Creek. 


  1. Fish signs are not really an MECP responsibility but rather MNRFF/GRCA. Why don't you run for Mayor or Council and see how many votes you get since others do such a bad job. You would have lots of leeway to stumble. However, I guess your temperament is not Politic friendly.

    1. Well cowardly "Anonymous" i.e. Barry why don't you become a garbage man? You have both the brain and the mouth for the job. This is not to disrespect honest workers earning a living, just you.

    2. Yet another snotty response from Barry. that I won't publish. His behaviour and mouth have even alienated his own family. It is very sad.that he feels trolling me makes him a bigger man.Guess he's got nobody or nothing else to do.