Tuesday, July 26, 2022

LUISA D"Amato takes it to the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) Trustees

 Yesterday's Record newspaper published Luisa D'Amato's Opinion piece titled "Trustees' decision to ban Ramsay from meetings is undemocratic". Well good for Luisa. Subtle she isn't. Now I did post here back on  July 9/22  her following quote about the school board namely: "...I was routinely infuriated with the Board's hostility to dissent and their intransigence." Now once again I find myself concerned with semantics. I had originally believed that Luisa was speaking about the WRDSB administration regarding her original January 2012 quote. Certainly in yesterday's Opinion piece she is focused on the elected Trustees. Personally I am convinced that there are a few good Trustees as in ethical, intelligent and open minded. I believe that they are unfortunately in the minority. At the same time my understanding of the WRDSB senior administration is that the majority as in a very high percentage of senior staff  are not ethical or open minded. Intelligent maybe?? Yes this is mostly based upon thankfully long past experiences with the filth back then.

Currently it is the elected Trustees who are making everyone at the WRDSB look bad. My educated expectation is that senior staff promote and are happy with elected Trustees who toe the line. Trustees who do not rock the staff's boat, positions or dictums will generally emerge unscathed and available for higher office. Two local (Woolwich/Elmira) examples would be Councillor Scott McMillan and Mayor Sandy Shantz.  

Luisa D' Amato also quoted her support yesterday of a recent Letter to the Editor (from Robert Roth) which stated "Trump must be envious. The cancel-culture commissars on the board have achieved what Trump could not - they have actually overturned an election result." She and he are actually referencing the Trustee's banning an elected trustee (Ramsay) from participating in the Trustees' meetings and decision making. 

Overall the public impression is that a majority of trustees are little, petty children arguing over anything and everything, important or otherwise, just to get their way. And if those trustees in the minority with different opinions are making inroads or making it too clear that their position or opinions have merit then they must be shut up and shut down. At all costs. No matter how egregious and unnecessary the sanctions and discipline may be. Even if it makes the majority of trustees and the WRDSB look like idiots.  

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