Friday, July 22, 2022


 Yesterday's Woolwich Observer published the following story written by Leah Gerber titled "Province looking to chemical producer to check for Canagagigue hotspots".  Despite long standing concerns and oh so careful and gentle criticisms by TAG (Technical Advisory Group), Lanxess and their consultant Stantec have refused to date to agree to remediation/removal of either highly contaminated soils or sediments in and along the Creek. Hence the Ministry of Environment (MECP) have also weighed in asking for more evaluation and revisions of their Draft Risk Assessment prior to it being finalized. 

   The MECP want further evaluation of the known "hotspots" along the Creek although not long ago TAG requested further evaluation of all "hotspots" not just the very few known ones at the New Jerusalem Rd., Northfield Dr. and Jigs Hollow Rd. (Near West Montrose). 

   Ms. Gerber also references the alleged "voluntary"  investigations and Risk Assessment of the  Canagagigue Creek.  Unfortunately even if those are voluntary what is not voluntary is so much as even a token cleanup of the highly toxic, bio-accumulative and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)  in the soils and sediments of the Creek far in excess of all provincial and federal criteria, guidelines and regulations. To date Lanxess and fellow travellors refuse to do even a small sliver of actual cleanup downstream from their property here in Elmira. This is despite five miles of heavily contaminated downstream Creek to where it enters the Grand River. 

   Furthermore Lanxess's claims to full consultation with all stakeholders and concerned members of the public are lies. CPAC including myself have been viciously and continuously denied the right to ask questions and give verbal comments to RAC and TAG for the last seven years solely because of the excellent job they and I did from 2011 until September 2015.  Lanxess will not, unless forced by either the MECP or an outraged public, lift their fingers and spend one nickel more than they are forced to do on a real cleanup of the Canagagigue Creek.   

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