Thursday, July 14, 2022


 In the history of bad ideas and bad planning decisions this is one of the really bad ones. That said I will suggest that Woolwich Township for a change have been on the right side of this one to date. Lanxess/Uniroyal initially were also in opposition but apparently since they got rid of their Anhydrous Ammonia uses they feel that their risk of being the cause of a catastrophic human disaster have been reduced. For several months I have had this Monday July 18/22 marked on my calendar as the scheduled start of the Hearing brought by the proponent against Woolwich Township. 

   The proponent is looking for municipal approval and the proponent over the last decade has made changes including noise barriers and possibly improved noise insulation in the walls of homes facing Lanxess and Sulco. Several years back the proponents lost a Hearing based upon what I felt was a relatively bogus reason namely night time noise from shunting rail cars on the Lanxess and Sulco property. Indeed the noise is an issue however for me and other locals with knowledge of the history of spills, fugitive emissions, fires and explosions from Lanxess/Uniroyal; those seemed to be the most terrifying concerns that could cause a loss of life of nearby residents. 

   Oddly enough I have seen absolutely nothing in either the Woolwich Observer nor the Waterloo Region Record regarding this supposed Hearing (OLT) starting this Monday. Last minute discussions and negotiations often occur but seriously there is public opposition to the dangerous location of this residential development and some notice or update would be appreciated by all. 

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