Monday, July 11, 2022


 Today's Waterloo Region record has the following front page story titled "It sounds like blatant discrimination". This is Part 3 of a series about a Toronto Star investigation into alleged medical driver license suspensions in Ontario. Two additional smaller headlines are "Ontarians stripped of licenses despite "doing everything right" and "It's ridiculous. They're serving more time than a drunk driver."

   Before continuing let me add that literally for decades I have referred to the Three Stooges of the Ontario government whether Liberal, Conservative or NDP (way back when)). Those three stooges were and are the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Transportation.  This is simply my opinion based upon close observation for at least the past 45 years. 

   This Toronto Star investigation has turned up hundreds if not thousands of simply idiotic license suspensions based upon the most frivolous of medical excuses. The examples are so egregious and so outrageous that I have to seriously ask whether somebody, somewhere is getting a kickback of either money or favours in return for Ontario drivers' names to have their drivers' licenses suspended. If not then the answer has to be pure, petty bureaucratic maliciousness in arbitrarily and frivolously removing citizens' driving licenses.

  My father-in-law Aden was one of the victims of the Ministry of Transportation corruption or whatever it was. They took his drivers' license away based upon a tiny paperwork error from an eye examination. That error was immediately corrected by the relevant optometrist and sent to the Min. of Transport. THREE YEARS later those bastards restored his improperly removed license only after he had repeatedly jumped through their hoops and loops including driving exams in Toronto and London if you can believe it. He had been driving both privately as well as commercially taking Old Order Mennonites around Ontario and even into the United States for many years. Not a single complaint, charge or ticket of any kind. Yet to save face after  totally screwing up, the Min. of Transport insisted upon all these additional, ridiculous bars that he had to jump over. Excuse me all to hell if I hold the Ontario Ministry of Transport in total contempt.        

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