Wednesday, July 6, 2022



Oh my did Scot Piatkowski, Katherine Woodcock and other trustees get publicly spanked or what? Check out the Youtube video of Dr. Peter Woolstencroft's Delegation to the Waterloo Region District School Board on January 24, 2022.  Please check the link below or Google: peter woolstencroft Delegation to the WRDSB     

I have also allegedly seen the video of Carolyn Burjowski's Delegation to the WRDSB on January 17, 2022. I neither saw nor heard any disrespect, discrimination, hatred or anything else even barely inappropriate regarding the subject of transgender people or for that matter anybody. She was however taking aim at what she, I and many others view as age inappropriate books concerning gender identity and more that is in the school library of her Kindergarten to Grade six school.  

I am truly appalled and now most certainly have my answer to the question I have had for years namely: Is the Waterloo Region District School Board as inherently corrupt now as I understood them to be twenty-five years ago? Keep in mind that my definition of corrupt may be different than yours.

Legitimate questions from the two WRDSB meetings of January 17 and January 24, 2022:

Are many of the trustees stupid or corrupt?

Do they believe everything that they are told by the WRDSB administration especially the legal advice?

Based upon the evidence I see no reason for this to go to the courts. The Board have screwed up whether out of naivete, fear, inherent stupidity or plain dishonesty or malice. It most certainly appears as if the WRDSB have a department labelled MLLAFSSP (MisLeading Legal Advice For Self-Serving Purposes). Wow the Board's arrogance has not diminished over the decades.

So who am I specifically referring to when I say the WRDSB or just the Board? Darned if I know. I keep hearing the Board of Trustees referred to as the Board and also the Waterloo Region District School Board as the Board. It's clear as mud. However there is a mind behind the Board's bullsh.t. Whatever the title I have to believe that it is the most senior fulltime staff at the Board making the decisions including the decisions to lie to trustees, the public and to parents. Now the question may be is there belief in the Board's bullsh.t versus blind, uncaring, say what I'm told to say obedience? Upon likely pain of legal action and worse. 

Four remaining questions:  

What the hell is the Agenda of the Board's controlling mind?                                                                

What is their motivation?                                                                                                                    

Where the hell is the teachers' union in all this crap?                                                                                    

 Do we as taxpayers mind our money being spent either to defend the                                                        guilty, senior employees of the WRDSB or to legally harass the innocent?

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