Friday, July 29, 2022


 I won't go so far as to suggest that TAG are having an epiphany regarding the "benefits" of either Risk Assessments or of treating professional deceivers and manipulators with respect but I will state that the past CPAC treated Chemtura and fellow travellors with more respect than they deserved and TAG, in my opinion, have bent over backwards to be solicitous, deferential and oh so respectful. All for nothing. And I suggest from the Minutes of the last TAG meeting that were released yesterday that TAG members are not impressed and in fact are generally disappointed with the polluter and friends (consultants & MECP) lack of reciprocal response. 

The TAG Minutes of the June 23/22 virtual public meeting are clear. Lanxess/GHD/Stantec are not satisfying the concerns of TAG members and in fact even the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP) are not yet satisfied with the efforts and results of the Draft Risk Assessment of the Canagagigue Creek. The MECP have released their latest comments in a document dated June 30/22 titled "Review Comments for the Canagagigue Creek Draft Risk Assessment Report". The Ministry (MECP) want further evaluation of sediments in the bottom of the Creek as well as creek bank soils in the three "hotspot" areas (3 bridges crossing the downstream Creek). They also wish further assessment of contaminant risks to farm families' health from consuming chicken, eggs, cattle and dairy products produced on their farms. Thirdly the MECP believe that additional evaluation of exposures through consumption of fish in the Creek are necessary. Lastly the MECP want a better assessment of groundwater exposures the length of the Creek.

Susan Bryant has made it clear that she assumed, in hindsight wrongly, that the Risk Assessment (RA) was the last step before remediation in the Creek began. Well she was half right. Currently Lanxess are stating that the RA itself is the last step as cleanup is not required. Unbelievable! Lanxess/Stantec have stated that the risks to both human and ecological receptors in the Creek are "acceptable". Well it's obvious that Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura and Lanxess have felt that way literally since 1942 and the start of production. Otherwise they would have taken at least a modicum of care way back then. Nobody who sincerely supports environmental sustainability takes Three Quarters Of A Century to BEGIN cleanup of a toxic creek that they have polluted. The Risk Assessment is merely more greenwashing from experts in the field enabled by weak, duplicitous municipal, regional and provincial politicians. 

If the Woolwich Observer continue their recent good work then an informed Public might be the last and only hope for proper cleanup. 

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