Wednesday, July 27, 2022


 I've long known and understood that the various Councillors comprising the Region of Waterloo Council rarely have us the public front and centre. Today I will focus on their environmental, pro business biases that have negatively affected all of us. 

The most recent is the Heidelberg Water Treatment Plant upgrades. So far although I am still looking I have not seen any reference to the very serious groundwater contamination from the former Bill Strauss garage at the corner (Lobsinger Line & Kressler Rd.). Also historically we have  trichloroethylene deep (bedrock) groundwater contamination at the Middleton Wellfield. While I am aware that a former local dry cleaning establishment may have contributed, I have long thought that Canadian General Tower were the main culprits despite a knowledgeable consultant telling me otherwise. Then we have the Region's refusal to publicly admit to the extent of groundwater contamination between the Grand River wells known as K70 and K71, downgradient from Breslube/Safety-Kleen in Breslau. Also added to this list is the ingenuous as always reasons given for shutting down the West Montrose wells and treatment plant. Basically a pipeline was built from Conestoga over to West Montrose followed by Conestoga being hooked up to the IUS or Integrated Urban System which is the overall interlinked system of wells and treatment operated by the Region of Waterloo. The real problem in West Montrose was the never ending addition of bacteria to the wells located in the floodplain of the Grand River. The bacteria came from both the river and from upgradient septic systems. Nice!

Perhaps I don't expect the Region to make a big deal about "outing" various corporate and other polluters in our communities but I certainly don't expect disingenuous or blatant lying from them either. Hiding behind "treatment upgrades" or other innocuous "improvements" really does not inform the public as to where the problems really lie. Whether nearly uncontrolled growth or corporate indifference to the environment, citizens need to be honestly informed in order to make their positions known to our governments.   

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