Monday, July 18, 2022


 MECAC - Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee - heavily populated by retired politicians trying to polish each others and current politicians public images. My opinion to the question in the title above, based upon first hand experience at the time as well as serious reflection afterwards, is yes, hell yes, stunningly yes. Just another pack of self-serving, egotistical snots yet again at the public trough.

   The title of the Record article written by Paige Desmond and published on November 2, 2015 is "Chemtura boosts water cleanup". Once again it was all a sham as in "Chemtura is doubling its efforts to pump and treat Elmira groundwater..." and "Four new wells have been installed and infrastructure is under construction." The reality is that yes at least four new wells were planned as in Wells W6A/B, W8 and W9. However the W6 and W8 wells were located and pumped at a tiny pumping rate such as .4 litres per second and .08 l/sec. respectively.  Meanwhile the only well with a planned serious pumping rate was W9 and allegedly due to technical difficulties it took literally several years long after 2015 to even begin to regularly pump it.    

  Further more the "addition " of these new wells was accompanied by the complete shutdown of very heavy pumping well W4 (near Howard Ave.) and the reduction later on of Well E7 to intermittent or "pulse" pumping . All for show or at least all for saving the chemical company as much money as possible with the willing complicity of its' fellow travellors.

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