Monday, July 4, 2022


    This is not good news for nearby Elmira residents on George St., Charles St. and Spruce Lane. Currently they are already facing more truck traffic, noise, diesel fumes and more courtesy of the recent announcement of a proposed truck parking lot on top of the former Bolender Landfill by 39A Holdings who presumably bought from the former owner who recycled auto parts (i.e. a wrecking yard). Now according to Chuck Martin, speaking on behalf of SEB Limited Partnership who purchased Woolwich Bio-En last year,  the facility had been running since 2014 "largely without the feared impacts" that local citizens (including me) had expressed back then. Off the top of my head I have heard very little concerns over the last five years with the operation although I am not a very nearby neighbour as others are.         

   As I read the article written by Steve Kannon of the Woolwich Observer titled "Increased demand has biogas facility looking to double in size", I and presumably others can not but feel somewhat betrayed. Is this just more of the bullsh.t perpetrated by our planning department, zoning legislation and politicians in general? Years ago Winterbourne residents were assured that the proposed Jigs Hollow gravel pit would be strictly an above water table gravel pit. Residents objected including pointing out how high the water table was and that there wasn't the volume of gravel available above the water table that the proponent suggested. Sure enough a couple of years after the door was opened and they were excavating if the proponent didn't go back asking for and receiving the right to excavate gravel below the water table right beside the Grand River. Once again death by a thousand cuts to our Heritage River and to local citizens quality of life.                                    

   Also according to Chuck Martin Woolwich Bio-En are not asking Council for any change in the current trucking agreement presumably with Woolwich Township. Mr. Martin feels that the current agreement will more than cover the increase in truck traffic that they would expect after expansion. Again this seems somewhat odd to me. Allegedly the initial citizen disputed agreement they received years ago for truck traffic was much higher than they have actually needed for years. Why and was this expansion forseen back then? Also the story indicates that SEB Limited Partnership will need approval via odour and noise studies from the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP). So does Woolwich Township have any say in this major proposed expansion or not?  

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