Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Frankly I was surprised when I was told this last evening. I was unable to attend Council meeting but got a phone call afterwards. Politically I felt that they had very little wiggle room. Mayor Cowan had come out very strongly against the proposed Elmira location for Woolwich Bio-En and most if not all of the Council appeared onboard. This decision can and will be interpreted both ways. One interpretation is that Council are being pragmatic and not throwing good money and effort after bad. Clearly Woolwich Staff had legal advice that there were few if any legal grounds to reverse the M.O.E. decision. The other interpretation is one of principle and conviction. If you believe strongly in your cause do you throw in the towel when things are going badly? Obviously the BFCC (Bio Fuel Citizens Committee) are not throwing in the towel. Will they win at the Environmental Review Tribunal? I wouldn't bet money on it but at the same time they are still defending themselves and their community. The one piece of advice I have given them recently is to show up in force at any and all hearings, pre-hearings and or mediation conferences. Citizens of Elmira and Woolwich Township you are getting the environment and provincial decision making that you yourselves are allowing. Stay home and do nothing and Elmira will continue to be a target for entrepreneurs looking to make a buck at your environmental expense.


  1. The Advocate called in right in previous posts. How can we trust Todd Cowan now? I'm sorry but I am sick of the existing stench from the pet food plant let along how bad it is going to get with Bio-En. To not appeal is to cop out. This is BS! The BFCC was told by Cowan that he was getting a lot of "emails in support of Bio-En". From who? Chuck Martin's buddies. Let's see their addresses Todd. They don't live with us on High Street.

  2. Todd does not live in smell range so hecan pretend to care but he does not.