Friday, April 20, 2012


Both our local papers have put the latest Biogas stories on their front page this week. As of five minutes ago I couldn't find the Elmira Independent's "Biogas opponents launch appeal" on-line however the Woolwich Observer's story "Citizens want support in biogas fight" is on line. Also on the front page of the Observer is an article dealing with the Jigs Hollow (Kuntz Pit) Pit titled "Woolwich seeks more answers ahead of gravel pit OMB hearing".

Both papers have covered Monday evening's protest outside the Woolwich Township building as well as the Delegation presented inside by Vivienne Delaney and Michael Purves-Smith. The Independent suggested there were 80 protesters present and the Observer suggested more than 50. O.K. so technically you were both right but as I manually counted heads the Independent are more right. The BFCC (BioFuel Concerned Citizens) were asking Woolwich Council for support and although they received promises of moral support and further efforts to pursuade the province, concrete commitments were not available on Monday night. Both Mayor Cowan and Councillor Bauman were guarded in regards to solid promises.

As mentioned earlier here in the Advocate, Lynne Hare and Jan Huissoon continue their efforts and research into issues around the Jigs Hollow Pit. They continue to dig deep and come up with new information relevant to the impacts upon local citizens of this proposed pit. They are a fine example of citizen activism in action.

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