Saturday, April 7, 2012


We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. He lied for attention, he lied for various motives but the bottom line was he lied and when it was desperately important for people to believe him, no one did. This is why I've never understood politicians. Most of them are smart enough to only lie when they believe it's necessary, important and they won't get caught. The consequences of getting caught are that no one will ever believe you again even when you are being honest. The odd politician will lie frivolously and for very slight personal gain. They usually don't last long. Therefore what I am beating around the bush at, is this. I am beginning to realize that just because I know a specific politician is a liar, I must not assume that EVERYTHING coming out of their mouth is a lie. Dishonest people actually can be motivated to say and do the right thing. Politicians do tell the truth sometimes and should not always be assumed to be lying. Bad, dishonest politicians can still do good and should be complimented when they do so.

The strength of our new CPAC is constantly emerging. The less "technical" people on it are showing leadership and organizational skills far beyond their limited exposure to the Chemtura site and the two decades plus of municipal and provincial politics. The "technical" people are providing background documents and information relevant to the cleanup of the Chemtura site. Most recently CPAC members have circulated two documents of great import. The one is a GRCA map showing in detail exactly where the floodplain of the Canagagigue Creek is located through the Chemtura site. It is an eyeopener in that the entire south-east corner of the Chemtura site is floodplain and hence vulnerable to flooding and erosion in times of storms and heavy rain. This floodplain totally encompasses both the Dioxin laden GP1 and GP2 areas. The second document is a very good discussion around hydraulic containment. It is also known as pump and treat and certainly is not the panacea some cleanup personnel would like us to believe. Kudos to CPAC members for their ongoing educational hard work.

It has also been brought to my attention through logic and reason that I have been hard on a couple of Woolwich Staff members. Also there have been anonymous commenters here in the Advocate who have been very critical of the same persons. Although I am constantly reassessing and keeping an open mind on our politicians and civil servants I will absolutely not be deleting or censoring commenters who criticize them. Either you, other readers, or myself may offer a differing opinion if we wish. Getting back to certain senior Staff I have been receiving positive input and when confirmed, absolutely good things will be printed here about their efforts. Honesty, forthrightness and even good intentions should be rewarded publicly and this Blog/Website is not just about exposing the corrupt, it should also expose the good.

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