Thursday, April 26, 2012


It starts at 6 pm. in the Woolwich Council Chambers on Church St. in Elmira, Ontario. As is usual I will be a Delegate to CPAC and will be speaking on matters primarily dealing with the failure of the pump and treat psuedo cleanup plan. I will also mention CRA/Chemtura's pathetic proposal for removal of Dioxins and DDT etc. on the south-east corner of their site. Both Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment present their usual propaganda which primarily is a filler and attempt to run out the clock. One item of interest is the peer review done by RWDI of Guelph. They have peer reviewed a proposed site wide Certificate of Approval (Air) for Chemtura. The entire process around this proposal has been tainted from the getgo and I sincerely hope that CPAC are not distracted by other important issues and let this one slide by. That would be a serious error in judgement.

Item 6.3 on the Agenda is a presentation by Dr. Gail Krantzberg of McMaster University. She was hired by CPAC (Woolwich Township) to assist CPAC in setting priorities. Following her remarks CPAC will comment on their position relative to the proposed Dioxin and DDT cleanup in GP1 and GP2. I'm expecting CRA/Chemtura to be unhappy with what they hear. CPAC also have a "Resolution for discussion" which will set out their goals and reflect comments made by Dr. Krantzberg. I have for a number of years been taking the old CPAC to task for their talents at making concessions to Chemtura. They have done so with negligible return or quid pro quo that would benefit the public. I believe that it will shortly be obvious that the new CPAC do not share the same passion for sucking up to Chemtura as the old one did.

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