Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Many people can and should take credit for last evening's demonstration of solidarity and democracy. CTV news (CKCO-TV) at 11:30 last night said that 85 people were involved in the protest. That sounds about right because I had done a headcount earlier in the evening and counted 78 adults. The children being shorter and in the crowd were harder to spot. Including them in the count is appropriate because as speakers suggested the increased truck traffic and diesel fumes will negatively affect everyones' health including and especially childrens'. So with kudos to 85 people I'm also going to mention Michael Purves-Smith, Vivienne Delaney and Dan Holt. Michael and Vivienne spoke to the crowd marching and protesting at the front of the Woolwich Township building on Church St. and Dan was there as well as speaking to numerous individuals at the start of the protest behind the Township building.

Many stawarts of the BioFuel Citizens Committee (BFCC) made it to the protest and stood up to be counted as did numerous other Elmira citizens in support. The basic message was one of protest against the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. As per a large banner (mine) first hung at the back and later out front "Min. of Environment Public Consultation Is A Joke". The M.O.E. are experts at pretend consultation. Woolwich Council and mayor have spent countless hours finding a better alternate location in Woolwich, they were encouraged to do so and then the M.O.E. totally ignored this option and approved the Martin's Lane location. This was a betrayal of the first order by the M.O.E. and sadly typical of their behaviour.

Further kudos go to Councillor Poffenroth who came outside and spoke with us prior to the Council meeting. His presence and moral support was appreciated. Inside Vivienne and Michael spoke to Council about health issues, traffic issues and democratic issues. They received a round of applause from the dozens of supporters who followed them into Council chambers. Last night's message also was one of perspective. As is too often the case, this entire proposal is simply about a small group milking the system at the expense of the many. The Ontario government's rules around renewable energy need a lot of improvement. Taxpayer subsidized, allegedly "green " energy at the expense of both the health and quality of life of many, for the financial benefit of a few investers is just plain wrong.


  1. Congratulations to the BFCC. To you Alan for your involvement and for the articulate presentation by Vivienne and Michael. Unfortunately we were disappointed to hear Mayor Cowan dance around the issue (again) and for Councillor Bauman's reliance on what is likely poor legal advice. I am also sorry that the Mayor rudely cut-off the delegation. The request for support was clear but we have been stonewalled by this Mayor and Council. Now what?

  2. This situation is rediculous. Is this what we want of our democracy. Misfeasance again. We now have a biogas plant going into an established residential zone and a new residential development going into an industrial zone. I see no evidence of urban or community planning whatsoever in this place. Do us a favor government and listen to the people who put you into office. Oh I'm sorry I forgot you forgot your oath of office.

  3. Funny thing Al is that the only oath most Politicians go by is the $$$$$$$$$$$. I have seen out and out lies come out of their mouths and they don't care because another wing in Big Brother protects them. With such clever people in the world this should be a better planet. lt's not because of freeking money, and greed. Why do you think bankers, business people etc take the job of office. Duh!! So they can benifit financially and for their buddies many which are in organized crime. (Montreal for example) lt's deep and everywhere. Pigs l call them. Pigs of society. Many are corrupt filthy humans that would steel from your mothers dying bed. Not all are, but a great many that l've dealth with always have a motive for self. Shame on this move.

  4. Biogas SupporterMay 2, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    85 people out of 10,000 who live in Elmira, 85 out of 25000 who live in Woolwich. 85 whom a bunch of were children. yeah you sure represent the opinion of the people alright.

    This is why power is taken away from municipalities and given to the provincial government. God knows we need green energy but nothing would get built anywhere just because a small percentage of the population who can keep their selfish opinions to them selves.

    Knock it off. Lets get going on this project.