Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Congratulations to Jeff Merriman, Environmental Engineer with Chemtura Canada, in Elmira Ontario. Jeff has publicly announced that Chemtura's unwritten policy is to remove wastes on their site whenever and wherever they find them. This is a huge relief to those of us who were beginning to doubt either Chemtura's will or their sincerity. Clearly this will apply to the Dioxins and DDT on the east side of their site as well as the DNAPLS on the west side. This will also give the company the glorious opportunity to put their money where their mouths' are. They claim that there isn't any sweetheart deal. Really? I say it exists and is the primary reason you, your hired consultants and the Ontario M.O.E. have done nothing but play games with neverending DNAPL "investigations" on the west side of your site.

This most recent Chemtura Progress Report-March 2012 describes on page 10, section 7.0 efforts surrounding the LNAPL (light non aqueous phase liquids) plume. This plume was discovered in the very early 90's but UPAC were not advised for a couple of years while Uniroyal checked with their lawyers. UPAC were outraged and tore strips off both Uniroyal and the M.O.E. This plume consists mostly of Toluene and literally has thousands of gallons of free product beneath the ground surface. One of their probes found LNAPL in the subsurface at a thickness of .32 metre just last month. Here Jeff is a longstanding subsurface waste which you've known about for seventeen to twenty years. Perhaps you simply forgot about it what with everything else that needs cleaning up.

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