Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Kudos for both persistence and hard work must go to Lynne Hare and Jan Huissoon. They were both back at Woolwich Council Tuesday night as delegates to update Council on the latest news around the proposed Jigs Hollow Pit. Their delegation followed the BIOFuel Concerned Citizens delegation and it included slides and pictures to enhance and clarify their points. The major point that I took from the presentation was that Council have more control and authority over certain proposed aspects of this pit than they or anyone else initially realized. These aspects are the proposed recycling of concrete and asphalt. Gravel extraction may be primarily the province's purview but recycling appears to be that of the local municipality. With that in mind Jan and Lynne showed slides of a concrete recycling facility while in operation. It was incredibly dusty and would create airborne particulate as well as noise.

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