Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Sociopathic behaviour is a good description of what this Council are doing regarding allowing two inappropriate citizens to represent the rest of us on the committee of Council known as TAG or Technical Advisory Group. Sociopaths do not feel normal human empathy and they like to lie a lot. Looking the facts in the eye and then bald facing lying about them is sociopathic behaviour. That is what Mayor Shantz has done to date. For her to dispute the written words of six first hand witnesses present who saw and heard Susan Bryant and Conestoga Rovers personnel state that Susan assisted in the development of CRA's E:Dat program is either insane (psychopathic) or sociopathic behaviour. Sandy Shantz was NOT present at either of two meetings in which this occurred.

If Sandy wants to question the witnesses to satisfy herself fine. If these six were anonymous she could be skeptical. Their names however are listed on the November 29/12 CPAC Minutes and as present at the Conestoga Rovers tutorial in January 2013. Plus she knows all six witnesses personally and despite her and others disgusting and false written comments of April 9?/15; these are all well known and respected individuals. Unlike sociopaths, psychopaths and politicians they are not liars.

Here is my conclusion:

Chemtura/ M.O.E.C.C./CRA/GHD/Pat M./Susan/Woolwich Council(most) represent their own interests.

TAG members(most)/CPAC/public represent the public interest.

Is Sandy no more than Trump light? Is lying second nature to her or is she simply an incredible lightweight intellectually? Is she so slow that she believes that all these parties looking out for their own interests are actually telling her the truth? I admit that Susan Bryant had me fooled for years. Even I however could not continue to ignore the mounting evidence. Far more than most of the public know. It goes as far back as 1993 when Sylvia Berg (APTE V.P.) privately sent a flattering letter about Uniroyal Chemical to the Canadian Chemical Producers Assoc'n.. I refused to believe then that Sylvia did anything more than make a mistake. I was wrong.

Six honest and intelligent Woolwich citizens have put what they saw and heard at two meetings into writing. They were shocked by the revelations of Susan Bryant's duplicity and private dealings with Chemtura Canada's longtime client driven consultant. Susan herself knew firsthand that Conestoga Rovers were not working in the public interest but solely in Uniroyal/Chemtura's interests. She and I and most likely others discussed it with her and she did not disagree.

Whose behaviour is worse, Susan's (& Pat Mclean's) or Woolwich Council for permitting that pair to represent honest Woolwich citizens?

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