Monday, April 3, 2017


The Strange St. Wellfield was originally located on Strange St. in Kitchener not far from the old Uniroyal Tire Plant. Currently it sort of consists of wells K10A, K11A, K13, K18 and K19. From memory I believe that the first two are actually located closer to Glasgow St. and the last three are the original wells by Strange St.. When I said the wellfield sort of consists of five wells that is because the last three wells were offline all of 2016. Funny thing is those same wells were all offline during 2015 as well. I could quickly advise you for how many years they've been offline except that the Region just this year pulled that data from their website. Up until this year you could go online and see back for at least seven or eight years. No more. Only the last two years.

Both Turbidity (murkiness) in the raw water and Chlorine levels in the treated water are on the high side. Turbidity is well above the recommended levels.

Glyphosate (Roundup) similar to other Region of Waterloo wells is at a far too high Method Detection Limit (MDL) of 25 parts per billion (ppb.). A few other pesticides (Diquat, Malathion, Picloram) are also at too high MDLs albeit nowhere as bad as Glyphosate.

Trihalomethanes (THMs), a carcinogenic disinfection by-product, are not posted despite a note on the Report stating that they are supposed to be. Chloramines, another disinfection by-product, are appropriately listed. They are in exceedance of half the drinking water standard on five occasions.

This report in my opinion is hiding both historical issues and possibly current ones.

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