Saturday, April 8, 2017


Today's posting is a bit of an overview. I am advising the public of the steps I have taken in regards to the evidence of a longterm Conflict of Interest on the past CPAC and on the current TAG (Technical Advisory Group) committees.

It is both my opinion and the opinion of many other informed Woolwich citizens that two current TAG members, appointed by Woolwich Council approximately twenty months ago, have had inappropriate associations with Chemtura Canada and their consultants, Conestoga Rovers (CRA) for many years. These relationships not only were not acknowledged to past CPAC members including myself nor is one of them even yet acknowledged despite overwhelming evidence, by Woolwich Council.

I have sent copies of the package dealing with the National Advisory Panel to Woolwich Council, M.P.P. Michael Harris, RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) members namely the GRCA (Grand River Conservation Authority) and the Region of Waterloo. This package has also gone to the Chairperson of TAG as well as the media. The Ontario Ministry of Environment (M.O.E.C.C.) are also recipients.

Five Witness Statements (above & beyond my own) dealing with one TAG member's association with Conestoga Rovers has been sent to all of the above groups as well. Woolwich Council have had most of this evidence and documentation for over two years and have blatantly refused to do anything about it and in fact have only recently confirmed the one member's association with the National Advisory Panel. They still deny the association between Chemtura Canada's longtime consultant CRA and the other current TAG member. To date no appropriate authority figure have responded affirmatively stating that they view this behaviour as either potentially inappropriate or worthy of investigation. Hence the sending of it to the media who would not have received it if particularily Woolwich Council had stepped up and done their duty and due diligence. Instead they have obfuscated, deflected , delayed and denied.

Of acute interest to me was my offer to three parties regarding the witness statements. Prior to them going anywhere I advised Woolwich Council first and later the Ministry of Environment and the Chairperson of TAG that I had five witness statements available backing up my allegations and written evidence they already had in regards to one TAG member's association with Conestoga Rovers. All these parties had to do was express an interest in or request copies of these five witness statements and I would send them immediately to them. None of the three showed the slightest interest in receiving these incredibly powerful documents by five reputable and well known Woolwich residents and citizens. Eventually I sent them anyways. In my mind this does not speak well to their credibility.

Perhaps Monday or Tuesday it is time to start giving specifics of these witness statements.

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