Monday, April 24, 2017


TAG stands for Technical Advisory Group and it is composed of citizen volunteers, some of whom were handpicked by our illegitimate Mayor. Nevertheless it and they are a mile ahead of her on the scale of ethics and character.

There were a couple of takeaway ideas and understandings from last Thursday evening's meeting held in Woolwich Council Chambers. Firstly it was stated and repeated a number of times that sediments in the creek are dynamic and constantly moving. There are suspended sediments, deposited sediments and then eroded sediments which start off as deposited, erode and become suspended until they find a temporary home as deposited sediments again. You get the picture.

Susan Bryant stated that Chemtura and the M.O.E. are focusing on only two sites upstream. This is both true and is self-serving for them. She also oddly stated that there is a former pond with a channel allegedly that could drain the pond back into the creek just upstream of Station # 21. Actually that area was tested and the conclusion was that the pond was not the source of DDT or Dioxins to the creek sediments. Pat Mclean accurately stated that unknown and undiscovered areas to date downstream could be just as badly contaminated as the upstream Station # 20 and #21 areas. David Hofbauer also commented that the sediments are always moving. Again this indicates both an ongoing upstream source as well as the ridiculousness of cleaning up only one or two upstream sediment areas and pretending that you've solved anything.

As stated in an earlier post the highlight was the presentation by Dr. Neil Thompson of his Conceptual Site Model (CSM). He actually referred to Conestoga Rovers & GHD's CSMs as cartoons. Interesting discription! I am still reading his report and finding it very enlightening.

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