Monday, April 10, 2017


"I will say though that I specifically remember the verbal exchange and Susan stating that she worked on eDat stuff...I remember being surprised and seeing your expression when you heard it."

"I remember being surprised that she was working with CRA on it, and, it seemed odd, given that this would have had to happen earlier than 2012. I was puzzled at her involvement."

"Steve Quigley (CRA) enlisted Susan Bryant from the audience to acknowledge her association with the e:Dat program. Susan Bryant accepted Mr. Quigley's reference statement of her involvement."

"The eDat conversation when Steve Q and Susan Bryant had a discussion it sounded like Susan B and Steve Q had some private conversations or meetings regarding the 3D contaminant modelling in the groundwater which caught everyone off guard. My jaw dropped when I heard this quite frankly as it seemed too friendly of a conversation between the two in the know. I remember all of us looking at each other with one of those WTF moments! Something did not appear right in that it seemed to be a special club of those in the know and the rest kept in the dark. I actually remember your look of shock as well!"

"I remember at the time being surprised as I knew Susan had been involved in the Elmira clean-up efforts since the beginning from 1989 and had been a previous CPAC member of long standing. If she had been officially representing the Township of Woolwich and its citizens in that role, why would she also be involved with Chemtura's technical remediation consultant? How could she be both advocate for Woolwich and simultaneously working with CRA who were retained by the firm which accepted responsibility for the pollution outside of its property? It seemed to me a conflict of interest."

These are exerpts from five witness statements of honest and reputable Woolwich residents, above and beyond my own presence at and recollection of these events. Woolwich Councillor Mark Bauman was present at that meeting as well. Our current Woolwich Council have full knowledge of these events. It appears as if they are happy with the status quo. So are Chemtura Canada. It smells very badly. Former Councillor Pat Mclean also has a lot to answer for with her involvement with the NAP and the Chemical Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) of which Chemtura are a member.

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