Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Thank you the province of Ontario. Thank you Ministry of Environment. Thank you Woolwich Township politicians. Thank you Uniroyal Chemical, Crompton, Chemtura and soon to be Lanxess. Finally I thank all the little people along the way; Sylvia, Susan & Pat. Even the Region have assisted when necessary. Without your efforts, egos and stupidity the public would have had a much clearer picture of the ongoing extent of political control, corruption and collusion between various guilty parties.

APTE was a wonderful creation by three local ladies namely Susan Rupert, Sandra Bray and Esthur Thur. APTE had many wonderful and engaged members but the serious engagement lasted only for a relatively short period ie. a few years. After that the majority went back to their regular lives including careers and family. They kept in touch and socialized but not much more. APTE was ripe for the plucking. It was done carefully and subtly but it was done.

Susan Rupert, Richard Clausi, Esthur Thur, Henry Regier and myself, Alan Marshall. How many others walked away quietly in disappointment? How many active APTE members are left today? I can remember perhaps one APTE member, other than Susan or Darrol, attending any CPAC meeting in the last decade.

Big nasty Uniroyal Chemical were the obvious culprit and guilty party. All of us focused on them and the Ministry (M.O.E.) and were too naive and trusting of local supporters. We wanted to believe that it was 100% of the citizens against the big, bad, multi-national corporation. We human beings are weak and most of us are aware of our own interests. There are a few of us however who are able and willing to disguise our self interest and can look at the long game. They infected APTE and that is a shame.

The experts outside of Elmira know what has gone on here. They know that the system condoned by the Ontario M.O.E. allowing client driven consulting firms to lead the process of "cleanup" is inherently flawed. They know that citizen public advisory committees are mostly a joke and most especially when it is the local politicians (Council) doing the appointing of members. Each time CPAC were on the right track, Uniroyal/Chemtura bailed out. Each time Woolwich Council directly or indirectly changed the game in Uniroyal/Chemtura's favor, to bring them back. What a pathetic joke.

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