Wednesday, May 22, 2024


"TRAC is the only game in town."  "What other choice is there?" Here is the other choice. Resistance. If the only option presented is unacceptably bad then DON'T accept it. The magic word is "NO." Absolutely make it clear that either TRAC or whatever other self-serving option the professional liars and fellow travellors offer is totally unacceptable and cringeworthy.

Professional polluters and liars alike in positions of authority (financial, political etc.) abuse that authority at will. If they feel untouchable and unaccountable they are all the worse.  Going along with their self-serving ideas that harm the public interest will never succeed. Reforming them will never succeed. Getting bought and paid for people profiting from the status quo to change and see the light will never succeed. 

What is needed is persons in authority who are not in a conflict of interest position.  Persons who will not suffer personal loss of money, status, authority by doing the right thing. That is woefully unlikely as they are constantly being bombarded with inducements, favours and entitlements of their job. Whatever authority they have is likely based upon them already having convinced their colleagues that they are not radicals and that they will support the status quo and the various established "institutions"  such as police, health  care, education (Boards), municipalities etc.

The only other alternative is to get the public en masse behind you. That is nearly impossible to do and even if briefly it happens such as in Elmira in 1989-1995 it does not last. Citizens have families, careers and other interests which take their time and energy. The professional liars and their friends count on that and just wait them out. That is exactly what the filth have done here in Elmira.     

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


 Here's the thing. Woolwich Township and other fellow travellors of Lanxess Canada believe that they get to do do-overs every few years when their current initiatives have clearly failed.  Worse yet they pretend that it is a clean break with the past and that they are inventing sliced bread all over again and are worthy of another five years of failure simply to see if there new (i.e. rebranded) ideas will succeed. They won't not with the same people, assumptions and pro-polluter biases. 

The proof is in the pudding. As long as TRAC very deferentially keep asking Lanxess "Please Sirs, may we have more porridge." they will get little or nothing. Right now Lanxess, GHD and friends are trying to sell more junk science to TRAC (Asymptotic Behaviour ) so that they can end pumping and treating the Elmira Aquifers. They are also insisting that their purely scientific Risk Assessment of the Canagagigue Creek is honest and not riddled with self-serving assumptions and shady data (shovel vs. core sampling & very high Method Detection Limits(MDL)). 

Yes TAG has criticized ever so politely, respectfully and deferentially the Lanxess/Stantec phony Risk Assessment. To date they've gobbled up the "Asymptotic Behaviour" nonsense spouted by Joe Ricker at the April 25/24 TRAC meeting. Perhaps Eric Hodgins gently and carefully sent a small message with his "What's next?" question. What they need to do is dig in their heels and tell Lanxess/Stantec to piss off and go to hell with their trashy psuedo science and while they are at it to take the Ministry of Expanded Corporate Pollution (MECP) along with them. Giving known and proven professional liars respect and courtesy merely reinforces their credibility when they deserve absolutely none.  

Saturday, May 18, 2024


 Luekemia this time. Was there an environmental component? Possibly to probably but it may have been more work related than the usual "Air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat" scenario. Maybe. That's the great excuse for our professional polluters and all their enablers. Most of those enablers are politicians but it includes client driven, well credentialed consultants throwing around junk science and worse, not to put food on the table but to buy cottages, toys and send their kids to prestigious universities etc. Their rallying cry is "science can't prove that!" Kind of similar to the bad old days when we all called cigarettes "cancer sticks" despite science at the time having reservations.

So if we get cancer from work exposures does anyone think that the exposures to toxic air, pesticide laden food and alleged treated water that is barely tested for only a tiny fraction of now ubiquitous chemical contaminants is helpful to our recovery? Or are our environmentally weakened immune systems and health easy pickings  for other health issues that arise? 

Here in Elmira, Ontario, likely similar to the rest of the province/country, our governance is not based upon the public interest but solely upon the interests of those in power at the moment and their financial supporters. Their financial supporters are not you and I but those who are already financially blessed merely looking for more regularly at the expense of the public interest. It's often referred to as externalizing of costs. Uniroyal Chemical is a prime example. They moved to rural Elmira during the Second World War and appropriated the Creek (Canagagigue) running through their property as their personal chemical sewer.  At the same time they indulged in toxic waste disposal in open, unlined pits and ponds on their property which were drained by the groundwater beneath them to the town's two wellfields. The company saved millions and millions of dollars in chemical treatment costs and that resulted in slow poisoning of the entire population thank you very much. 

Our authorities of course have always refused any kind of local health study that could apportion blame onto Uniroyal and corporate successors. Poisoning people is illegal only if you don't have governmental agreement either before, during or afterwards. Then it's O.K. obviously.


Friday, May 17, 2024


 O.K. not to be ungrateful but our local newspaper, the Observer, did report, sort of, on my Delegation to Council last Tuesday evening. Now it possibly could be a timing and deadline matter in that I did not send a copy of my written Delegation to them until very early (9 am.?) Wednesday morning and of course their newspaper comes out on Thursdays.

Regardless on page six (Opinion) at the top of the page under  "Verbatim" they have printed the following:

"Woolwich Township's "public consultation" has been shameful for almost nine years now." 

Underneath that sentence they then printed the following:

"Elmira environmentalist  activist Alan Marshall calls on council to improve watchdog efforts, push for heartier cleanup of aquifers."

That's it right there in a nutshell. Now of course I did publish my entire Delegation contents Wednesday here in the Elmira Advocate.  One little reminder that way back in the summer of 2015 when mayor Shantz was trying to sell her idea of bouncing CPAC members, one of her councillors  (Pat Merlihan) publicly referred to her plan of expanding both bureaucratic and politicians involvement versus citizens as being "cringeworthy". 

Thursday, May 16, 2024


Big deal. That's the equivalent of sending a complaint about Donald Trump's admitted behaviour towards women on to "The Donald" himself. Or even better sending it to the local chapter of INCEL's ANONYMOUS who advocate for most things not in womens' interests. 

I was advised by a polite and nice Woolwich employee that she was sorry to hear that I held either Council or TRAC (totally rotten and corrupt) in low esteem. My response was that she would too if she had thirty-five years of dealing with Lanxess, Woolwich , RAC & TAG etc. rather than only five minutes as she is brand new on the file.

I have watched the Woolwich Council video from their website and been impressed with its' sound and quality. If I had a complaint however it is that on camera I appear old hence I'm complaining that the video is just too damn accurate. Briefly I had been advised that part of the video of my Delegation had been omitted when one went directly to You Tube.  I was outraged until I went to check and dang everything was there as in 100%. It turned out to be that the individual who had watched it was briefy interrupted  when she was watching it and that was the issue. 

Now on-line I read that Rogers Broadcasting supposedly either has shown Tuesday night's Woolwich Council meeting or that they will be. I checked my TV Guide for Tuesday night and it states that Rogers were broadcasting Brantford City Council that evening. Hmm maybe then at a future date my Delegation will be shown on Rogers Cable (Stn. #20).

Overall my Tuesday night Delegation is merely another warning shot across the bows of the entrenched political and otherwise groups who have been convinced that lying to the public is just dandy because there are some jobs and some business taxes involved and the unwashed masses have no rights at all except once every four years when they get to choose between bad and worse at the polls.

I know that Public Inquirys are not the end all and the be all but something along those lines is desperately needed here in Elmira, Ontario. People are literally getting sick and dying decades prematurely due to the toxic compounds in the air, water, and soils including NDMA, Dioxins and DDT. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Everybody behaved including the Chair and there were even some very good questions from two councillors afterwards . Yes I did give Lanxess, Ministry of Environment and Woolwich Council some serious  #$*&^% but Council at least took it like pros. Following is the text of my Delegation. Also the video of the meeting and my Delegation is on the Woolwich Township website under Council & Mayor and then under Calendar of Events. You have to adjust the dates to include May 14/24 and my Delegation is within 5-10 minutes of the start of the Council meeting.

                                                                                                                 May 14, 2024

                                                                  THE LONG CON (3)

    Joe Ricker's TRAC presentation on April 25/24 spoke to the impossibility of NDMA and chlorobenzene concentrations ever reaching zero, allegedly based upon “asymptotic behaviour”. So what? The goal is to reach drinking water standards namely 9 parts per trillion for NDMA and 80 parts per billion for chlorobenzene, not zero. Joe's entire premise is wrong.

    Joe advises that in 2023 the average concentration for NDMA was 91 ppt. in the Municipal Upper (MU) and 1,600 ppt. in the Municipal Lower (ML). That is between ten and 160 times higher than the drinking water standard of 9 ppt.. The average concentration in 2023 of chlorobenzene was 123 ppb. (MU) and 173 ppb. (ML) versus a drinking water standard of 80 ppb. These concentrations under current conditions are decades away from reaching drinking water standards. Lanxess please stop blustering and bafflegabbing and keep on pumping until you are at least close to the drinking water standards. Then, not now, come to the public, cap in hand, begging for relief.

    Citizens, including myself, over the decades have suggested numerous other accepted remediation methods all of which were rejected by Uniroyal and successors.

Lanxess do your job. Pump & Treat has been described as the cheapest, least effective method which is at least partially why it is so popular among polluters. So get back to pumping. Literally you have had decades of never ending excuses as to why both on and off -site wells aren't meeting the TARGET PUMPING RATES that your consultants have set.

I now better understand why Uniroyal and successors desperately covered up the DNAPL situation. Free phase and residual DNAPLS (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquids) inhibit the likelihood of Pump & Treat being successful. DNAPLS have been found both on and off the Uniroyal site and explain the admitted excess hundreds of kilograms of chlorobenzene found in the Elmira Aquifers.

    Woolwich Township's “public consultation” has been shameful for almost nine years now. One of your own TRAC members (Sebastian) has already told you and the public this in writing.

Having the polluter, his client driven consultants and his “captured” regulator (MECP) in total control of the cleanup is a gross conflict of interest that apparently Woolwich Council are not willing or capable of recognizing.

In conclusion this latest initiative is but one more in a long history of self-serving behaviour by Uniroyal/Lanxess fueled by fancy words and junk science in order to save themselves millions of dollars in cleanup costs.

The lack of pumping described earlier and the paragraph on DNAPLS can be proven factually but neither here nor at TRAC are the appropriate locations.

Alan Marshall Elmira Environmental Hazards Team

Monday, May 13, 2024



Firstly is he telling the truth or is this yet more in the war to reduce Lanxess liabilities?  I've written more than enough here for readers to know what I think about the company's credibility. Right now they are pushing hard between their Mickey Mouse Creek Risk Assessment and their alleged "asymptotic behaviour" of the contaminant plumes in the Elmira Aquifers. It's all about reducing the company's liabilities while dragging reluctant affirmation from all their fellow travellors. 

At this late date does the addition of hundreds of kilograms of free phase DNAPL  (chlorobenzene) genuinely have them worried? After all contaminant "rebound" can occur through back diffusion but far worse would be free phase DNAPL slowly dissolving above drinking water standards for the next 100 years or more.  And no, dissolution of chlorobenzene from free phase into the groundwater is not an "asymptotic behaviour" because it will eventually reach a concentration of zero after all the free phase has dissolved be it in 100 or two hundred years or so.